The Second Series Known as (Friends From The

World!) of Nia will begin airing sometime in 2021.


  1. Ashima The Happy Engine (India)
  2. A Vist From Isla (Kenya)
  3. Nia And The Kangaroo (Australia)
  4. Learn With Nia (Kenya)
  5. Nia and The Mexican Friend (Mexico)
  6. Rebecca Becomes a Pop Star (Kenya)
  7. Nia Learns Maori (New Zealand)
  8. Emily and a Little Girl (Kenya)
  9. Unnamed China Episode
  10. Nia and Mavis
  11. Unnamed Poland Episode
  12. The Kenyan Qurrary
  13. Unnamed Germany Episode
  14. Joanna and The Zebra
  15. Unnamed France Episode
  16. Flora's First Day in Kenya
  17. Unnamed Brazil Episode
  18. Kerry's Grandpa
  19. Unnamed Italy Episode
  20. Tim and The Giraffes


  • Friends From Around The World


  • Nia
  • Kwaku
  • Rebecca
  • Emily
  • Stanley
  • Joanna
  • Tim
  • Kerry
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