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“Now we can both go with our night light train!”

Night Light Train is a magazine story.


Thomas is on his way to the steelworks when he has to wait at a level crossing. Caroline passes through on her way to a quiet picnic in the countryside. Thomas arrives at the steelworks and is soon setting off to deliver some iron girders. It is not long before Thomas arrives at the place where the girders are needed. The girders are unloaded, but the last one swings round and smashes Thomas' lamps. Both Thomas and his driver are worried; without lamps they will have to spend the night where they are. Then Thomas hears an engine failing, it is Caroline. Her motor has failed, but Thomas notices her bright headlamps and knows how they can help one another. The nearby crane lifts Caroline onto Thomas flatbed and, with Caroline lighting the way, the pair set off into the night.


  • Thomas
  • Caroline
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (cameo)


  • Readers could interact with the story by using the free "Go and Stop" paddle that came free with the magazine by holding it up when they came across the word "Go" or "Stop".