NWR Timeline



  • First railway, The Sodor & Mainland Railway, opens on 3rd June on Sodor. Neil, Clive and Mathew arrive to work there.


  • Wellsworth & Suddery opens on 4th May. Adam, Lily and Colin arrive to work there.



  • Tidmouth, Knapford & Elsbridge Light Railway is opened on 29th September. Eagle and Wallace arrive to work there.


  • Because of financial failure, The Sodor & Mainland Railway is forced to shut down by the Sodor Government. Neil, Clive and Mathew sent to India for industrial work.
  • Sir Topham Hatt I arrives at Sodor from the UK to become a member of A.W.Dry & Co.


  • Mr Topham Hatt I starts building the coffee-pots, starting with Glynn.


  • Last coffee-pot built, Zeyryn.



  • Tidmouth Station starts building on 3rd May.
  • Tidmouth Station is completed on 7th August.



  • Timothy arrives to help out on Wellsworth & Suddery.


  • Sodor Government Forming Meeting of 1914 begins on 22nd of Feburary.
  • Charles Hatt (1914-1997) is born on 14th March.
  • North Western Railway officially opens on 5th May. First branchline service from Wellsworth to Brendam run by Wallace, Winston and Eagle.
  • World War I is announced on 28th July.
  • Timothy takes passenger train Brendam to Tidmouth before kills himself and his passengers at 10:25 while crossing over the unfinished viaduct.


  • Edward and George arrive on 3rd May. They run the branchline service from Wellsworth to Brendam.


  • Mr Topham Hatt I is knighted as "Sir Topham Hatt" by King George V.
  • Ffarquhar Branch Line begins constructing on 7th July.


  • Ffarquhar Branch Line officially opens on 2nd May. The Coffee Pots run the branch line.


  • World War I ends on 11 November. Party is celebrated at Tidmouth.
  • Because of wasting money on war supplies, NWR goes bankrupt. The Mainland helps out.


  • Due to LNER orders, 5/7 of the coffee pots are scrapped. Zeyryn sold to the LMS and Glynn is put out of industrial work and put into a siding at Ffarquhar. Ffarquhar operation shuts down.


  • Sir Topham Hatt I is forced to sell three of his locomotives--Winston, Adam and Lily--leading to industrial troubles.


  • The Railways Act, 1921 starts.


  • Henry, Alfred and Crovan arrive on trial on 2nd March. Henry becomes Number 3 next day.


  • Gordon arrives on 6th April.
  • NWR is threatened to shut down or join the LMS.


  • Thomas/102 "accidentally" arrives on Sodor when he's not meant to be there on 4th May. He stays the next day.
  • Ffarquhar begins its extension to Ffarquhar Quarry on 7th July.
  • After rescuing James, Thomas is the head of Ffarquhar Branch Line.


  • Alfred/98462 commits a failed plot during 'NWR 11'. Fails and dies. Crovan/87546 is sent to the scrap heap.
  • LMS lets go of NWR.


  • Henry Stuarts is assasinated.


  • World War II is officially announced inn the UK on 3rd September.


  • Christopher Awdry is born on 2nd July.
  • The Blitz arrives to Sodor.


  • Stephen Hatt (1941-) is born on 16th May.
  • Colin rescues Knapford by taking away Nazi Gunpowder during the end of the Blitz in May, only to be blown to bits.
  • The Blitz ends--4,000 deaths in Sodor, 19,000 injured.


  • Bridget Hatt (1943-) is born.


  • Eagle moves burning gunpowder out of Wellsworth, and burns to death. Mourned by the NWR.


  • Christopher Awdry is marooned on Sodor.
  • Sodor Commanding Platoon is formed, consisting of Thomas, Edward and George.
  • Christopher goes missing, Sodor Commanding Platoon goes on a search.
  • End of World War II in Europe on 8th May.
  • The Three Railway Engines is published on 12th May.
  • End of World War II in the world on 2nd September.



  • Sir Topham Hatt I is forced to sell Wallace to the LMS.


  • NWR becomes nationalised into British Railways.
  • Henry recieves Welsh coal to help him with his troubles.
  • The Great Strike of 1948 begins in early-September when Henry, Gordon and James refuse to shunt like common tank engines.
  • Percy is purchased by Sir Topham Hatt I.
  • James the Red Engine is published in September.
  • The Great Strike of 1948 ends in late-November.


  • Henry has an accident with the Flying Kipper in January. Sent to Crewe. Returns in Spring.
  • Tank Engine Thomas Again is published. The Railway Series is becoming extremly popular by this point.



  • Henry the Green Engine is published.
  • Sir Topham Hatt I goes on holiday with Stephen Hatt and Bridget Hatt in Summer. They meet Toby and his coach, Henrietta. Topham Hatt purchases him.




  • Sir Topham Hatt I retires, his son, Charles Hatt, takes over as 'Sir Topham Hatt II'.
  • Edward the Blue Engine is published.


  • Duck arrives on Sodor to help out with industrial work at Knapford.
  • Soon, Diesel arrives for a trial. Tells lies about Duck and Henry, and fails to tell a lie about Thomas. Is sent packing.
  • Duck crashes into a barbershop building during his banishment.
  • Four Little Engines is published.


  • Percy the Small Engine is published in early-September.
  • Thomas and his friends are invited to visit London. They visit on 14th September.
  • Retired-Bertram Hatt dies on 16th September when the NWR engines return.


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