Hiro woke up, to be shot in the side of the head with a water gun, by none other than his hyped up girlfriend, Mina Flowerear.

"My Ra, Mina!" he sighed as he got drenched in water.

"Hey! Could I torture you today?" Mina asked, clearly not wanting to stay in one place, except her room, obviously.

Hiro sighed, "If you are trying to get me to wear a dress, NO MORE PHOTOSHOOTS!"

Oh right. The night before..............was very...erm.................cute and scary.

Mina held out a black dress, "WEAR IT!"

Hiro stared at the evil look on her face. "Um. If you are planning to torture me further by making me wear a tiara, no."

"I have a Pharaoh Atem cosplay, wear that crown and this dress."

"If it will make you leave me alone, I will."


Hiro put the dress on, and put the golden head-piece-crown, with the eye of Ra, on, and he looked like a tomboyish Princess.


Hiro slapped his head, "Oh Ra, I am gonna be dead."

Kiki came up, along with William.

"What the- HIRO?!" William nearly laughed.

"It is NOT my fault, Mina actually ASKED me to get into this." Hiro frowned.

Kiki was about to fall down from giggling.

"Momma, I told you! He can be a pwincess!!!!!!!" Mina whined.

Hiro hugged Mina, "I love you, but I need to know, WHY do you abuse me?"

"It. Is. So. Friggen. AWSOME!!!!!! 'Sides, I knew at SOME point I needed to see you like this."

"PICTURE!" Kiki said jumping. She had taken a picture of Hiro hugging Mina, still in the dress.

"Oh Ra, someone help me. First my girlfriend strangels me constantly, then she asks me to put on a dress."


Mina got a flower from a pile by her window, (she collected them earlier) and stuck it in Hiro's hair.

"Well, two can play at that game." Hiro said as he did the same thing to Mina.

Mina wanted to get wet, so she got in the shower, and when she got dressed and came back to her room...............

Hiro was in a black dress, sitting on the floor, holding a wrench.

"A wrench?"

"5Ds gets to your head." Hiro said shruging.

Mina glomped Hiro and grabbed a pillow.

She looked at the 'Princess' and let go of the pillow when Hiro dropped the wrench.

Hiro got up and sat on the bed, grabbing the Yusei plushie.

"Hi! Have you seen my wrench, someone took it. WAH!" Yusei said.

"Hiro how do you do that?!"

"Practice at conventions." he answered. (Yes, his story is on MinaTheJapaneseEngine's Profile, GO!)

"Yusei, here you go. D-Runner broken?" Mina ask as she handed the plush the tool.

"Kinda. Now HYA!"

Hiro pitched Yusei across the room.

"Now, the reson I got in this was that I thought last night was funny."


The mini pillow fight ensued.

Needless to say, It was a day of Water, Flowers, and Plushies.

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