Old Stuck Up
Season 4, Episode 20
Written by Christopher Awdry (orignal)
Stephen Patton and ElmoRudy55 (adapted)
Directed by Stephen Patton and ElmoRudy55
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Old Stuck Up is the twentieth episode of the fourth season. It is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, James and the Diesel Engines.


Although the Fat Controller preferred steam engines on his railway, he found that could pull coaches and trucks, making them "versatile". Diesel shunts in the yards for the other engines Daisy does the passengers BoCo is volunteered to collect the goods and begin his journey to Sodor. And Bear came to Sodor on loan with another diesel named D199. His injector failed while pulling a passenger train named "the Limited". Henry, who was already towing 199 and his train of oil tankers, came to help; 7101 was still able to move by himself with some help from Henry. And Mavis works at the quarry shunting trucks. One morning, Vulcan from the Mainland BoCo was betrayed by who visited for the night, but when he found that he had to share the shed with steam engines, he refused to go any further and went on tangent about how he thought diesels were better than steam engines. Later, James called Vulcan "Old Stuck Up". The next morning, Vulcan raced to the shed to be cleaned, but he wound up crashing through the shed wall. The other engines heard the story from Donald and Douglas that night, and Henry remarked that the Fat Controller didn't call Vulcan "versatile", but something that BoCo didn't think was very nice.




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  • This is the first episode featuring Vulcan, who replaces Old Stuck Up role from the Railway Series.
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