Oliver's Grand Day Out is the second episode of season 1 and of Tales of the LNWR overall. It will be released in May 2020.


Set during 'Toad's Adventure' in 2014, Oliver left Toad alone to collect some coaches from the yards and went to collect some passengers. A school trip climbed onboard Oliver, but one boy claimed that Oliver looked boring, in which Oliver became upset. He left the station.

As Oliver puffed up Gordon's hill, the boy ran down the corrider of the coach, making Oliver lose his brakes. He raced down the hill, and went around the bends past Gordon. The children were enjoying the ride, and the teacher felt really sick and had to pop to the lady's room.

As Oliver raced into Wellsworth, he was diverted onto a siding, and derailed from the siding. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but Oliver's buffers were badly dented. Sir Topham Hatt arrived on Thomas with Rocky. Oliver told him that one child said that he was boring, and that he was runnin down the corrider. Sir Topham Hatt then claimed that it was his grandson, Tommy. He told him off, and the boy said to Oliver that he was sorry, and Oliver forgave him.

That evening, James thanked Toad for all his help ('Toad's Adventure'). Then, Oliver puffed in and started to tell Toad all about his day. James interrupted, however, and told Oliver that he ought to ask Toad about his adventure. Oliver found it hard to believe that Toad had an adventure, but Toad told him all about his day. Soon, all the engines in the yard were gathered round listening to Toad's thrilling adventure. Oliver said he couldn't believe it, but Toad said he will tell him the whole story again the next day.


In order of important roles



  • George Ignatchenko as Oliver, Tommy and Toad
  • Thomas 'Edward' Henry as Sir Topham Hatt IV
  • Andrew Homer as James


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