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  • Alec Baldwin
  • Michael Brandon


  1. On Site with Thomas (Michael Brandon) Original Music
  2. Percy's Scary Tale (Michael Brandon) Original Music
  3. Thomas and the Moles (Michael Brandon) Original Music
  4. Alfie Has Kittens (Michael Brandon] Original Music
  5. Jack Jumps In (Alec Baldwin) New Music
  6. A Friend in Need (Alec Baldwin) New Music

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Read Along Story - Down by the Docks
  • Sing Along Song - Troublesome Trucks
  • 2 Exlusive Fun-Filled DVD Games - Build a Dino Game and A Day at the Works
  • Computer Fun - Sodor Memory Match
  • Web Site Fun
  • 12-Page Commetertive Booklet
  • Hit Extras
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