Percy is a green saddle tank engine. He is Thomas’s best friend and his favorite job is to take the mail. Percy likes to also take special parcels. It was an exciting day for Percy because Sir Topham Hatt had a surprise for him. It was Stephen Hatt’s birthday and he was going to ask Percy to take the special present. He had sent the other engines off to a decent days work and he and Percy were all alone.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: As you know, my grandson is celebrating his 17th birthday and Percy, I have a very important parcel for you. It is a car. It is the special surprise for Stephen. No one else must know about it.

PERCY: Ok, Sir!

SIR TOPHAM HATT: The surprise is very heavy. Please go slowly when taking it. Now puff to Brendam Docks. Then when you have gotten the present, take it to the park where the party will be held.

PERCY: Yes Sir! I will.

   And Percy did so. Percy was so excited that on his was to the docks, he greeted everyone that he saw. Percy passed Thomas.

PERCY: Hello Thomas!

THOMAS: Hello Percy!

   Percy passed James.

PERCY: Hello James!

JAMES: Hello Percy!

   He even greeted Diesel as he passed him.

PERCY: Hello Diesel!

DIESEL: Yeah whatever!

  Percy arrived at Brendam Docks where Cranky was still unloading the present.

PERCY: C’mon! I need to get to the park.

CRANKY: Hold your horses and I’ll get it down! This crate needs to take off a few pounds anyway.

   Cranky lowered the large crate onto Percy’s flatbed. Percy set off carefully. He had remembered The Railway Manager ’s warning.

RAILWAY MANAGER: The crate is very heavy. Please go slow when taking it.

    So Percy did so. Percy was chugging along down the line when he saw Gordon, Henry, James and Edward in the distance. Percy was afraid.

PERCY: Oh no! I can’t let Spencer,Gordon, Henry, James and Edward see me. They’re going to want to see the surprise. I must hide.

   Percy ran into a nearby siding behind a bush. Spencer,Gordon and James were arguing with Henry and Edward over who should have taken the surprise.

JAMES: That’s so wrong, especially for a smart red engine like me.

GORDON: Consider this the end of our friendship. My rep as an important blue engine is ruined.

SPENCER: Percy is stupid!

EDWARD: It’s not Percy’s fault. He deserves to take it.

HENRY: Yes! Percy is very reliable. He doesn’t complain about having to take goods trains. Unlike three other engines I know.

GORDON: What are talking about and what is that supposed to mean?

JAMES: What Edward is trying to say is that we aren’t good enough.

SPENCER: Percy is too stupid to take goods trains!

    They continued until finally, Henry and Edward left. Spencer,Gordon and James rolled their eyes and chortled away. Percy came out of hiding.

PERCY: Phew! That was close. I’ll show Spencer,Gordon and James that I am worthy of taking the special surprise.

    And Percy puffed off fast. He had forgotten about Sir Topham Hatt’s warning about how to not go fast. Percy was chugging along the line, when he saw Diesel 10. Diesel 10 was facing away from Percy and was lifting scrap and debris from the tracks.

PERCY: Oh dear! I definitely cannot let Diesel 10 see me! If I don’t tell him or let him see, he’ll chase me till I surrender. I will turn onto the other track.

   And that’s what Percy did. Diesel 10 heard something.

DIESEL 10: What was that?

WORKMAN: It was probably a bird or something. Get back to work, please.

DIESEL 10: Yes Sir!

DIESEL 10: oh look it's Poky Percy!

WORMAN: Pay attention Diesel 10!

DIESEL 10: Yes Sir!

   Percy puffed onto the other track. The other track took him into the forest. The forest was beautiful. Percy was happy.

PERCY: Good! No one will see me here.

   But he was wrong. Percy heard a bell. It was Toby.

PERCY: Oh dear! It’s Toby. Toby will want to see the surprise. I’m gonna take the track out.

   And that’s what Percy did. Percy took the track out, while Toby went the other way.

PERCY: Wow! Coast is clear. Now, all I have to do is tackle Gordon’s Hill and I’ll be at the park.

   Percy chuffed off. Percy began to chuff down the line again. He was wondering just how Stephen would look when he saw the car.

PERCY: Stephen will be so happy. He’s gonna say that I am a really useful engine.

   Percy saw Gordon’s Hill and charged at it.

PERCY: I’m gonna get up Gordon’s Hill faster than fast.

   Then he heard Thomas’s whistle.

PERCY: It’s Thomas! He’s coming with the guests. I really need to get to the park now before he comes. It’s almost time to open and you know how Sir Topham Hatt doesn’t like me to be late.

   Percy tried to go up Gordon’s Hill, but the car was so heavy that it slowed Percy down.

PERCY: Oh dear! I must do it.

   Percy strained, but before he could even reach the top of Gordon’s Hill, his coupling snapped and the car rolled down the hill on the flatbed……….STRAIGHT INTO THOMAS who was coming with Annie and Clarabel.


   Percy backed down the hill. Sir Topham Hatt who was in Thomas’s cab was cross.

PERCY: Oh dear! Now I’m in trouble.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Yes you are! Percy, what were you thinking. I thought I told you to go slow.

PERCY: I’m sorry, Sir! I was trying to keep the parcel a surprise. I thought that if no one saw me than I wouldn’t have to tell anyone, but I was silly Sir. I will couple myself up again and take the surprise up the hill and to the park, slowly.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Yes you will, Percy.

THOMAS: I’m right behind you Percy if you need a wheel.

PERCY: Thank you, Thomas! Pistons puffing!

   And the two best friends puffed to the park. Percy heaved up the hill, while Thomas pushed behind using Annie and Clarabel for his hill brakes. Finally, they got the heavy parcel over the hill.

PERCY: We did it, Thomas!

THOMAS: That’s right, Percy!

   Percy and Thomas arrived at the park. The rest of the engines met them there. Dowager Hatt and Lady Hatt cooked up some nice hamburgers and hotdogs to serve to the guests and all of Stephen Hatt’s friends from Great Waterton High School were all invited. Then it was time to open presents. Stephen was excited about his presents. Alice, the captain of the cheerleading squad, gave her two presents first.

STEPHEN HATT: Wow, a record player and the new Beatles album. Thanx Alice!

ALICE: You’re welcome! It’s also to say I’m sorry for insulting your shirt last week.

   Everyone laughed. Then Nancy, the conductor’s daughter gave her present.

NANCY: It’s the Bachmann Gordon‘s Express set. You’ll see how it works when you plug it up tonight.

STEPHEN HATT: Just what I always wanted. Thanx Nancy.

NANCY: It was really Gordon’s idea.

   Gordon exchanged a wink with Stephen. Then Stephen’s friend, Marcus gave his present.

STEPHEN HATT: It’s a football. Thanx man!

MARCUS: No prob, Steve!

   Then there was the greatest present of all. Sir Topham Hatt climbed onto the flatbed. The workmen broke the wood on the crate and there was reviled, a white Jaguar. Stephen gasped.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Introducing the party surprise. Brought by Percy himself.

STEPHEN HATT: This is the best birthday present anyone has ever given me. Thank you Grandpa and thank you, Percy! My grandfather was right. You are really useful engines!

   All the engines hooted with joy.








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