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“Well, Oliver, I have heard all about it. Rest assure, those two diesels won't be working for quite some time. I think it might be best to send you back to the Little Western so long as your accident remains an isolated incident."
"Oh yes, sir! After the day had yesterday, doing the same old thing every day might not be so bad after all.”
―The Fat Controller and Percy

Percy Gets Lost is the forty-second episode of the fifth series. It aired back to back with Duncan Gets Spooked during an airing of Storytime with Thomas in the US.


Oliver and his brake van Toad are enjoying their work on the Little Western. One day, Toad notices Oliver feeling sad, because he is starting to miss the longer runs. Toad suggests talking to the Fat Controller, but Percy decides to keep quiet. As time goes on, Percy stays unhappy and gets rough with the ballast trucks. His mood and the trucks' behaviour lead to an accident in the turntable when he pushes them into the well. That night, the Fat Controller transfers Percy to the Clay Pits on Edward's Branch Line for a few days so that he can have his smokebox cleared.

The new job cheers Oliver up as he only shunts the trucks at the Clay Pits for a few days, until he stops by to be teased by Bill and Ben, which annoys Oliver. He tells the twins to behave themselves or would tell Edward, Henry and Derek if they don't. The twins gasp and insult Oliver by calling him a "tattletale", but they certainly promise to be good. However, they tell Oliver that Edward's a banking engine, Derek is at the works and don't know where BoCo is. The Quarry-master then tells them to get to work and no time to talk. Oliver shunts the trucks, feeling rather serious. All the dust rolls everywhere it goes. Everytime, the twins taunt him as he passes by. The Quarry-master praises Oliver for doing all the work and asks him to take the special load to the end of the main line that night. Oliver agrees, but he thinks that they should have asked the Fat Controller first and secretly needs to escape the Clay Pits.

As night falls, Bill and Ben warn Percy to be careful when there's a little spooky if he doesn't know the way, much to Oliver's annoyance and he leaves the quarry with the special train. He arrives on time with his delivery and then sets off for home, only for the fog to soon come down and make everything look spooky. Percy's driver notices a signal at green and thinks that someone had been expecting them, except no-one has been. The points ahead are set in the wrong direction but Percy does not realise this and makes a wrong turn, ending up in an unknown area. The driver decides to rest until the fog clears. Percy hears strange sounds and soon the fog slowly lifts revealing that they are in the scrapyards. Oliver's crew go for help and left Percy all alone, but not for long as two diesel engines called 'Arry and Bert approach him saying that he will make very fine scrap indeed. The diesels buffer him up and take Percy to a large smelter's shed and leave him alone, intending to scrap him.

Percy looks ahead to see the furnace waiting. Percy cries for help, but the diesels cackles and tells him that no one escapes from them. But just as they come to the furnace, Mavis furiously appears to stop them and tells them to leave Percy alone because he's one of the Fat Controller's engines. Then the diesels scamper off. After that, Mavis takes Percy to the sheds where he needs to calm down. Mavis assures him that he's okay and tells him about the scrap he brings from the branch line and the two grim messengers of doom, 'Arry and Bert. Oliver is lucky that BoCo collects scrap all around the island. The Fat Controller appears to see Oliver and tells him about the diesels that won't be working for quite sometime. He then sends him back to Duck's Branch Line so along as his accident remains insolate.



  • Ffarquhar Shed
  • Sodor China Clay Company
  • Old Stone Bridge
  • Sodor Ironworks
    • Sodor Ironworks Shed
  • The Works (mentioned)


  • This episode marks the only episode of onw thing:
    • 'Arry and Bert's only appearances in the fifth series.
  • Scrap models of Thomas, Gordon, Donald/Douglas, Chuffa from TUGS, City of Truro and Märklin Engine are seen at the scrapyard.


Toby: Excuse me, Percy. It seems to me that things are not well for you, if you forgive me for mentioning it.
Percy: You're quite right, Toby. All I do is shunt these trucks/freight cars onto the turntable. I long for a nice run. It's what an engine really needs.
Toby: Quite so, Percy. May I suggest you speak to the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt about your problems?

[Oliver gets rough with the trucks]
Trucks: You're no good, Percy. You're dangerous! We want Duck!
Percy: What? Duck's far too busy to be bothered with the likes of you!
[shoves trucks]
Percy: Oops

  • ('Arry and Bert approach Percy)
  • 'Arry:'Gotcha this time, Percy. You'll make very fine scrap indeed! Buffer him, Bert! (Bert does so, and the two diesels take him to the smelters' shed)
  • 'Arry and Bert:' Bye-bye, Percy!


  • Percy: (looks at the furnace) No! Help! Help!
  • 'Arry: No one escapes from us!


  • Mavis: UK: What are you playing at!?/US: What do you think you're doing!?
  • 'Arry: Putting a little steamer out of his misery. What's it to you?
  • Mavis: That's one of the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt's engines. Now leave him alone!