This is story 5/8 of Branch Line Problems

This is story 5/8 of Branch Line Problems

It was springtime on sodor. This meant that there would be more rainy days than sunny days. But this never bothered anyone. At Wellsworth Yard, Bill and Ben were shunting cars and coaches. The next day, they were back at the China Clay Works pulling china clay to Brendam. It was raining on this particular day, but Bill and Ben were at the China Clay Works doing their normal jobs. During their break, they chated about what the workers were saying.

Bill: "Hey Ben, I heard that there's a good chance of this place collasping one of these days."

Ben: "Your pulling my funnel. Now tell the truth."

Bill: "That's what they really said, it worries me."

Ben: "We should ask them about this."

Later that day, they asked the workers if what they were saying was true.

Bill: "We don't want to sound like easedropers, but you guys said that today was the day that this old place will fall to the ground."

Ben: "Yes, we don't want to be easedropers either. We just heard you guys say it."

Worker 1: "We won't do what we are doing when chating during work. However, it is true."

That afternoon as it was still raining, it happened. There had been a fire at one of the china clay hoppers. They were installing new ones when one of them caught on fire. The twins quickly used their cars for the workmen so they could take them to a safer place. No one was left behind, but the whole China Clay Works was burned. Flynn and Belle arrived to put out the fire.

Flynn: "Good job on getting everyone out and that no one was left in the China Clay Works."

Belle: "You two are both brave engines. Very good job indeed."

Bill: "Thanks Flynn and Belle."

Ben: "Yeah, thanks."

Sir Topham Hatt found out that the hoppers were really bad and old ones only made to look good when they were bloody bad. Bill and Ben went to the slate quarry. Now Bill and Ben work at the slate quarry and enjoy it. They do miss the China Clay Works, but they were glad to be heroes and still work, just at a different place. They might be bees at times, but really, they are our rescue engines.

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