Richard is a green mixed-traffic tender engine who was saved from scrap by Henry. He now works on the Main Line.


Richard was being sent to the Steelworks on D261's train when Henry traded Richard for his bridge section. Richard was brought to Sodor and repaired but Gordon was jealous and caused a fire when Richard arrived with the fire fighters to save the day. After, Richard was given the express but was feeling tired so he and James switched jobs but James lied about breaking the crane arm and it swung into brand new express coaches. Richard was in trouble and put on maintenance work until he stopped a runaway and was allowed to pull passengers again.

Later, he met Thomas and Lady but the two engines didn't like him. Then Richard and Lady saved Thomas from a crash and they wanted to play a trick on Gordon and James by pretending to be ghosts but they never did because James did it instead.


Richard is happy and clutzy and sometimes has accidents. He is Henry's best friend.

Technical Details


Richard is based on the LSWR N15 class.


Richard is painted dark green with white stripes and number 778 on his tender.


Thomas and Friends Made Up Story Series Style

Voice Actors


  • Richard is The Best OC Tender Engine That Was Decided By Fans.
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