Rockhoof's volcano village home

Rockhoof's Volcano Village Home

In Campfire Tales, Rockhoof is the subject of a campfire story told by Applejack, and is her and Apple Bloom's favorite legend. In the story, Rockhoof is the son of a farmer who lives in a village at the foot of a great volcano. He dreams of joining an elite group of pony guards called the Mighty Helm. Unfortunately, he is too scrawny to even pull an axe out of a tree stump. The guardsponies ridicule him for his weak stature, giving him a shovel and telling him to stick to farming and digging.

One day, the volcano near the village erupts and threatens to destroy it. When the villagers refuse to abandon their homes, Rockhoof uses his shovel to dig a trench and divert the lava's flow. Through his determination and sheer force of will, Rockhoof miraculously transforms into a larger, more powerful stallion, giving him enough strength to finish digging the trench and save the village from destruction. His achievement earns him the respect of his fellow villagers and acceptance into the Mighty Helm's ranks.

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