It was cold winter on the Island of Sodor. The children loves playing the snow and the engines had to be careful not to slip or go too fast.

It have been snowy since Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve. They had to be warm and cozy and also have hot chocolate and even coco.

Everyone is getting ready for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day comes in four days, everyone is buying gifts, cards, chocolates, and even beautiful roses.

The engines likes Valentine's Day, the children gave them Valentine cards and also had Valentine's Day party.

Some people and engines fall in love each others and go on a date.

One day, Thomas drop the children to school than Emily came to see him.

Emily: Hello Thomas.

Thomas: Hello Emily.

Emily: Are you excited Valentine's Day is coming?

Thomas: Yes, I'm so excited.

Emily: Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.

Thomas: My too.

Emily: Sir Topham Hatt says there's going to be a big Valentine's Day party at Knapford Station.

Thomas: I love Valentine's Day party.

They didn't say any word. But Thomas is going to tell Emily something.

Thomas: Emily?

Emily: Yes Thomas?

Thomas took a deep breath than begin to speak with Emily.

Thomas: Emily, would you like to do something with me? Go the party together and see the sights of Sodor?

Emily: Oh Thomas, I will love too. Are you asking me for a date? Yes, I will go on the date with you.

Thomas: We're be ready for four days and we shall get clean and polish first.

Emily: Oh yes. So we can look nice and clean.

At the Sodor Rescue Center, the team had work very hard and be really useful.

Just than Belle and Flynn came back for fighting a fire.

Belle: Flynn, I heard Sir Topham Hatt says there's going to be a big Valentine's Day party.

Flynn: I know, Belle. Edward told me about it.

Belle: Can I ask you something, Flynn?

Flynn: Yes Belle?

Belle: Flynn, would you come with to --

Flynn: You want me to come with you on Valentine's Day party Belle?

Belle: Yes. How do you know?

Flynn: Cause I was going to ask you a same thing.

Belle: Yes Flynn. I would love to come to the Valentine's Day party with you.

Flynn: Me too, Belle. I would love to go with you too.

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