Here's a wonderful romantic story

It was a beautiful morning on the Island of Sodor. All the engines woke up to get ready for a good day. Some have day off and some go see the sights around the island.

Some engines fall in love each others. Thomas and Emily went together to see Bluff's Cove. Belle and Flynn went together at Whispering Woods.

And sometimes they shared their more love and their kiss. Maybe sometimes when everyone goes to sleep, they went someone to make more love and passion.

The next day; Thomas and Emily are at Knapford Station, Belle and Flynn were there.

Emily: Hello Flynn.

Thomas: Hello Belle.

Belle: Hello Thomas.

Flynn: Hello Emily.

Emily: Its a wonderful day.

Belle: Yes, it is a wonderful day.

Thomas: I think were going to have a nice day.

Flynn: Yeah, spring is here and no winter will come till next year.

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