Rose is one of Daisy's sisters who was temporarily brought on trial in 2018.


Rose worked on a preservation railway somewhere in England. She arrived at the Harwick Branch in early 2018. She, like Daisy when she first arrived 57 years prior, was very stubborn and lazy. Needless to say, she was not pleased with the railway and the fact that she had to work with steam engines. After being reprimanded by the Fat Controller for not pulling a milk tanker, she became very grumpy, and she was rough with the passengers. At Ulfstead Castle, when the passengers complained about Rose's poor ride, she became furious, and in a fit of rage, she accidentally overshot the turntable and crashed through a wall, completely ending up in the castle moat. She immediately regretted her foul behavior and apologized after being rescued. The Fat Controller scolded her severely, but decided to give her a second chance after Daisy when she had misbehaved. However, Rose politely declined as she felt she was not a good fit for the railway and decided to leave, although she was very grateful for all the help she was given after her accident.


Like Daisy, Rose is a BR Metro-Cammell DMU Class 101/102 commuter shunter.


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  • T1E2H3 wanted to experiment with Daisy's sister, but felt she wouldn't have anything to do after her debut, hence why she left in the end. In fact, when T1E2H3 originally processed the idea, she was not going to redeem herself after the Fat Controller offered her a second chance. She was going to insult the Fat Controller and claim she was glad to be leaving the railway. This would have proved the one difference between her and Daisy: Daisy decided to become really useful whilst Rose would have just kept to her lazy ways. T1E2H3 changed this as he felt it was too harsh.
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