Ryan "Inside" Laney is a next-generation car who appears in Cars 3 as a rookie racer. His number is 21, and he is sponsored by Team Blinkr. He is a Next-Gen 2017 Race Car SA-2. He takes Speedy Comet's role as the Blinkr racer and is one of the six rookies to debut in the race at the Motor Speedway of the South race in Cars 3.


Ryan "Inside" Laney was one of the first six next gens to replace six veterans in part 2 of the Motor Speedway of the South. His sponsor is Blinkr and his number is 21. He replaced Speedy Comet. He finished in 16th place in the Los Angeles 500. At the Florida 500, he started in 27th place. Later, in the crash caused by Cam Spinner he was seen miscolored that kind of looked like Michael Rotor in a couple shots and got hit by Tim Treadless. But he was seen able to continue racing and finished in 18th place.


  • Cars 3
  • Die neue Allianz Autoversicherung
  • Huge Galaxy! Huge Adventure! The Movie
  • Route to Victory


  • Ryan Blaney (US; Cars 3, UK/US; Huge Galaxy! Huge Adventure! The Movie onwards)
  • Yianni Charambolous - (UK; Cars 3 only)

Profiles and statistics

  • Bios:
    • Ryan "Inside" Laney is a third-generation Piston Cup racer who is beloved by fans for being passionate, fun, and exciting on the track. He represents the next wave of young athletes who focus on talent, speed and precision​​​​.


  • Ryan "Inside" Laney is a pun from his US voice actor's name, Ryan Blaney, who is a professional NASCAR racer.
  • During the Florida 500 crash, Ryan's paintjob suddenly reversed to blue with orange stripes instead of orange with blue stripes. This miscolored version of Ryan is often mistakenly identified as Michael Rotor.
  • Among the four next-generation racers who are based off of real race car drivers, Ryan is the only one whose sponsor did not appear in the first film.
  • In the movie, Ryan didn't have any text on his spoiler, only the little Blinkr symbol, but on his diecast, he has Blinkr written on his spoiler as well.

Names in another languages

  • Russian: Райан Трасс (Ryan Track)


Mattel Disney Cars 3 Ryan "Inside" Laney (Next Generation Blinkr) Blaney Piston Cup Die-cast-0

Mattel Disney Cars 3 Ryan "Inside" Laney (Next Generation Blinkr) Blaney Piston Cup Die-cast-0

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