Ryan Shields is the race car for the View Zeen team. He is a Crown Celesta that is painted turqouise, with a slightly lighter shade of blue on his doors. He has the number 39 painted in orange on his doors and roof, and the View Zeen logo on his hood and fenders. Between the events of Cars and Cars 3, he either retires or gets fired by View Zeen and gets replaced by Buck Bearingly.



In Cars, Ryan is one of the thirty-six competitors that are racing at the Motor Speedway of the South. He is involved in the huge wreck caused by Chick Hicks. During the crash, he is hit by Crusty Rotor.

The World of Cars Online

In The World of Cars Online, Ryan was one of the opposing racers that could be found at the Backfire Canyon Speedway, along with Brush Curber and Sage VanDerSpin.


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  • Official bio
    • "Ryan is not only a View Zeen Corrective Windshields driver, he's also a customer. Without it, the race is merely a blur of multi-colored blobs moving at 200 miles per hour. His View Zeen windshield doesn't just help out on the track, it also has a special coating that helps cut down on glare while driving at night, not to mention it makes him look smarter. And the other cars would often get jealous."


Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 2018 Ryan Shields 39 ViewZeen Diecast Review-3

Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 2018 Ryan Shields 39 ViewZeen Diecast Review-3

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