83.Island of Berk


Thomas Island of Berk from the yards and is very excited to meet a new viking engine who has just arrived. The vikine engine has a brass safety valve and Dark Blue painting. The Muscle Controller introduces her as Ryouma and two viking engine introduce each other. The Muscle Controller arranges Thomas to collect her coaches, as she and her driver must learn, much to Ryouma' impression. The only coaches that Thomas can find are Mia And Vicky are insulted at the comment, but Thomas couples up to them and leaves the yard anyway. Thomas puffs along with Mia And Vicky still insulted, but as she passes Ryouma, she says hello to him but is told by Ryouma, who angrily demands that she give his coaches back to him. Thomas does not hear Ryouma and carries on. She also passes Rockhoof and Yoga finds that they do not whistle to her, making her upset. The Muscle Controller tells Ryouma to go to the Docks and pick up some new coaches. Ryouma tries to mention his grievances but the Muscle Controller does not care, seeing this as an excuse and warning him that really useful engines don't argue, so Ryouma gives up and reluctantly heads to the docks. When Thomas, Mia And Vicky return to the yard, Percy sees her and tells her that those coaches belong to Ryouma. Thomas finally realises why Ryouma was upset and leaves to apologise. Meanwhile, Ryouma is pulling two coaches Annie and Clarabel for Thomas to pull, still complaining as he would very much want Mia And Vicky back. Ryouma arrives at a signal box where she is flagged down and the signalman tells her that Percy has not cleared his signal box yet, and asks her to go and see what the problem is. Ryouma sees that Percy has broken down on a 4-way track crossing, then hears Thomas' whistle. He sees Percy , but knows he cannot stop in time, then realises that he is about to crash into Percy; Ryouma charges and pushes Percy across the tracks, narrowly avoiding a crash. Later the Muscle Controller praises Ryouma , then presents her with two brand new coaches, the same ones that Thomas has collected. She apologises to Ryouma for taking Mia And Vicky , and Thomas apologises for being cross. Ryouma  is now very happy that she is Thomas' friend and has now become part of the Muscle Controller's Viking Chief Railway.

Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway

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42.Ryouma and Thomas In Two Branch Line

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