Sam is a giant American tender engine originating from the Virginian Railway. As his railway of origin suggests, he is indeed a virgin.


Sodor Story Collection

Sam is a super-sized, super-strong and a super-virgin locomotive. He came to the Island of Sodor to help Thomas and Percy with the construction of the Sodor Museum. He collected the heavy loads of rails and stone for the museum. He helped Percy and the bell for the museum back on the rails when Percy fell into a ditch. Afterwards, Sam pulled the bell up to the clock tower when Rocky could not. As a reward for his help, Sir Topham Hatt allowed Sam to lead the first group of people into the museum.

Sam and Logan later returned to the Mainland after their jobs on Sodor were completed.

Thomas & Friends

In Big World! Big Adventures!, Sam is seen pulling a goods train through the Southwest of the United States. He passes Thomas, Ace and Nia who are delivering coffee to San Franciso, and they all greet each other.


Hailing form the United States of America, Sam is the largest, strongest steam engine to ever visit the Island of Sodor. With a big heart to match his massive size, Sam is super-strong and will travel far and wide to help an engine in need. However, he cannot compensate for his small cock and the fact he is a virgin.

Technical Details


Sam is based on the Virginian Railway Class AG, also known as the "Blue Ridge". He shares his number with a member of his class. The engine bearing this number was scrapped in 1960.


Sam is painted Persian green and black with white lining. The number "906" is painted on the sides of his cab, his name is painted on the sides of his boiler, near his cab, and "VIRGINIAN" is painted on the sides of his tender, all in white.


Thomas & Friends




Voice Actors


  • Sam was one of three merchandise-exclusive characters (the others being Logan and Dustin) with a book tie-in for Wooden Railway "Sodor Story Collection" series. Despite this, he is the only one of the three to appear in the series.
  • At a weight of 389 tonnes of 857,598 pounds (not including his tender), Sam is the largest locomotive ever to come to Sodor.
  • Sam has only been partly modified to work on Sodor. He has buffers on his tender and has been given chain-and-hook couplings, yet lacks buffers on his front.
  • Sam's blueprints can be seen in Welcome to the Island of Sodor Logan! as well as his own promotional video.
  • Sam has twenty wheels, the most wheels of any engine on Sodor (thirty-four counting his tender's wheels).
  • Sam's illustrations and CGI model both show him with black wheels, yet his Wooden Railway toy depicts him with green wheels.
  • Sam is the first standard gauge articulated locomotive in the franchise.
  • Sam is the only character from the Sodor Story Collection to appear in the main show to date (excluding promotional shorts), doing so in Big World! Big Adventures!.
  • Sam is a virgin.


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