“What's all this about the wrong sort of coal?”


Saving Edward is the twenty-fourth episode of the ninth series.


Edward is losing a lot of steam on his journeys. When he is given the task of collecting produce from Brendam Docks, he tells Douglas, who is also going to the Docks to arrange Edward's goods train while Donald looks after Aurora, Ariel and Anna, not to tell Sir Topham Hatt as he is worried about being scrapped. Douglas promises to keep Edward's problem a secret and he heads for the Docks, whilst Edward carries on slowly.

Once at the Docks, Edward tries his very best to move his goods train, but to no avail. Feeling sorry for Edward, Douglas leaves the Docks to carry out his own jobs first and, afterwards, returns to take Edward's goods train. However, when Douglas arrives at Knapford Station with the goods train, Sir Topham Hatt is very cross. Not only is the train late, but Edward is not the one pulling it. Thomas makes an excuse that Edward took on the wrong sort of coal, but Sir Topham Hatt knows that Douglas is lying and gives him another job as punishment.

BoCo is sent by Sir Topham Hatt onto the mainline to look for Edward and finds him resting in a siding. BoCo tells Edward what Douglas told Sir Topham Hatt. Realising that he made the whole situation worse, Edward heads for Knapford Station and upon arrival, tells Sir Topham Hatt about his problem. Sir Topham Hatt reminds Douglas and Edward that honesty is the best policy, even when it is difficult before sending Edward to the works for repairs, much to the two engines' relief.




  • Going by production order, this is the nineteenth episode of the ninth series.
  • It is also likely that this episode takes place before Henry and the Flagpole, as in that episode, the old ship had its mast removed to make a flagpole. But in this episode, the old ship still has its mast.
  • The term "wrong sort of coal" could be a play on the railway term "wrong sort of snow." In winter, some railway staff tell passengers that there are no trains because of the "wrong sort of snow" - passengers just take this as an excuse.


  • In the close-up of the van, it is light yellow.
  • As BoCo finds Edward, he is not on the track.
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