Series 24 will air sometime in 2020.


  1. Shankar's Makeover
  2. Untitled Ace Episode
  3. Untitled Brazilian Episode
  4. TBA (Ingenuity)
  5. TBA (A Shed Divided)
  6. TBA (Tales of a Purple Splotch)
  7. TBA (Crosspatch)
  8. TBA (Bucking Bronco)
  9. TBA (Stick-in-the-Mud)
  10. TBA (Duck and Dukes)
  11. TBA (Super Rescue)
  12. TBA (The Missing Coach)
  13. TBA (China Episode)
  14. TBA (The Three Christmas Engines)
  15. TBA (Around Beresford in 80 Days)
  16. TBA
  17. TBA
  18. TBA
  19. TBA
  20. TBA
  21. TBA
  22. TBA
  23. TBA
  24. TBA
  25. TBA
  26. TBA
  27. TBA
  28. TBA
  29. TBA
  30. TBA


Toby, Belle, Stephen, Glynn, Stepney, Raul, Shane, Gina, Hong-Mei, Gabriela, Lorenzo, Daisy, Fernando, The Chinese Diesel, Skiff, Victor, Luke, Millie, Tamika, Rex, Bert, Mike, Henrietta, An An and Yin-Long, Aubrey and Aiden, Dexter, Lei, Beppe, Terence, George, Elizabeth, Oliver (The Pack), Max and Monty, Brenda, Ester, Darcy, Emerson, Isla, Cassia, Fergus Duncan, Willie, Jenny Packard, The Mayor of Sodor, Mr.Percival and Captain Joe are also likely to appear.

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