Season 37 will be released in 2033.


  1. Thomas, Lady and the Coaches
  1. Thomas, Lady and the Coaches
  2. Diesel 10 and Philip
  3. Hiro and the Express
  4. The Fastest Small Green Engine on Sodor
  5. A Shed for Henry
  6. Emily Meets Lady
  7. Annie, Clarabel and Diesel’s Train
  8. The Runaway Train
  9. Moon Rocket
  10. Millie and the Locked Shed
  11. Lost and Found
  12. Toby in the Middle
  13. Gator and Diesel 10
  14. Rosie’s Movie Night
  15. Edward’s Shed Problem (A new engine moves in Edward’s shed)
  16. The New Small Engine
  17. Toby’s New Shed Roomate
  18. Diesel 199 and Old Stuck Up Means trouble in the Yard
  19. It’s Hard to Stay in Touch (Behave)
  20. Alfie's Flower
  21. James the Sweeper Engine
  22. Billy and the Quarry
  23. Donald and Douglas‘ New Cousins (originally Donald’s New Twin, when Douglas is being repaired)

Character Introduced

  • Lawrence and Lance
  • Lauren

Voice Cast

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