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The tenth series of Thomas & Friends.


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Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Percy's Big Mistake Sharon Miller 2 October 2006 #01
Percy is frightened he will be sent to the scrapyards.
A Smooth Ride Simon Nicholson 2 October 2006 #02
Sir Handel returns from the quarry, but is afraid he will be sent back when he starts bumping.
James Gets a New Coat * Abi Grant 3 October 2006 #03
After James gets repainted in his new black coat, he is too busy showing off to help Percy at the coaling plant.
Percy and the Funfair

Percy and the Carnival

Abi Grant 3 October 2006 #04
Percy is given the assignment of delivering coal while his friends get to help with a funfair.
The Green Controller Sharon Miller 4 October 2006 #05
Lady Hatt appoints Percy to give the engines orders as Sir Topham Hatt has lost his voice, but Percy only causes a muddle.
Duncan Drops a Clanger * Paul Larson 4 October 2006 #06
Duncan transports a church bell, but due to his carelessness, he loses it for a bit.
Thomas' Tricky Tree Sharon Miller 5 October 2006 #07
Thomas searches the wharf for a Christmas tree, but neglects to take the narrow gauge engines' advice.
Toby's Afternoon Off Marc Seal 5 October 2006 #08
Toby wants to visit the farm after finishing his jobs, but is given more work to do.
It's Good to be Gordon * Abi Grant 6 October 2006 #09
Gordon accidentally takes Henry's special coal, but he does not admit this mistake, leaving Henry to break down.
Seeing the Sights Wayne Jackman 6 October 2006 #10
Thomas races from place to place too fast and leaves passengers behind at each stop.
Fearless Freddie * Simon Nicholson 7 October 2006 #11
Freddie realises he is ageing after resorting to cheating in a race with Smudger and Duke, leaving one of them to come off the tracks.
Toby's New Shed * Simon Nicholson 7 October 2006 #12
Toby is upset when the birds roosting in his shed are made homeless when his shed is renovated and now Thomas puts things right.
Big Strong Henry Simon Nicholson 8 October 2006 #13
Henry tries to prove he is the strongest engine on the railway.
Sticky Toffee Thomas

Sticky Taffy Thomas *

Paul Larson 8 October 2006 #14
Thomas wants to wear a costume for the costume party, but he does not pay attention to what he is doing.
Which Way Now? * James Mason 9 October 2006 #15
Rusty rushes workmen so he can take the Fat Controller around the Skarloey Railway.
Thomas and the Shooting Star * Abi Grant 9 October 2006 #16
Thomas gets lost on his way to the power station while searching for a shooting star.
Edward Strikes Out Sharon Miller 10 October 2006 #17
Edward prejudices a new crane called Rocky, but he soon eats his words after Rocky helps Gordon after an accident.
Topped Off Thomas * Sharon Miller 10 October 2006 #18
While racing A new private engine Spencer, Thomas blows Sir Topham Hatt's top hat away and is told to find it again.
Wharf and Peace * Abi Grant 11 October 2006 #19
Skarloey is startled at the wharf and is too scared to return.
Thomas' Frosty Friend Sharon Miller 11 October 2006 #20
A snowman-shaped balloon attaches itself to Thomas' rear buffers.
Emily and the Special Coaches

Emily and the Special Cars *

James Mason 12 October 2006 #21
Gordon is getting new coaches for setting a speed record, but Diesel thinks he is special too and out of spite steals them when Emily was supposed to take them to Knapford.
Thomas and the Colours

Thomas and the Colors

Marc Seal 12 October 2006 #22
Thomas tries to convince James to give him the job of pulling the Sodor football team.
Thomas and the Birthday Mail James Mason 13 October 2006 #23
Thomas is annoyed when a new tank engine, Rosie, harasses and follows him.
Duncan's Bluff Paul Larson 13 October 2006 #24
Duncan cheats in a contest with James, making him run out of coal before he has to take children to a holiday concert.
Missing Trucks

Missing Cars Missing Freight Cars

Wayne Jackman 14 October 2006 #25
Rheneas' good deed of helping Skarloey causes trouble.
Thomas and the Treasure Marc Seal 14 October 2006 #26
Thomas goes looking for treasure, following clues told by Salty.
James the Second Best * Paul Larson 15 October 2006 #27
James is upset when Edward is chosen to appear on a railway poster, so he tries to follow his ways.
Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out Paul Larson 15 October 2006 #28
Thomas takes Skarloey to the Works, but he delays to show him the sights.

Title                         Composers

Doing it Right                                                                      Ed Welch

Whatever job you're doing,

Make sure you're doing it right...

Favourite Place                                                                      Ed Welch

Everybody needs to have their favourite place

Somewhere that they like to be...

H is for Harold                          Ed Welch

'F' is for friendship, and flying and free.

'G' is for good, as good friends ought to be...

Navigation                          Ed Welch

When to stop and when to go

These are things you have to know...

There's Always Something New                           Ed Welch

There's always somewhere new to go

And something new to see...

Responsibility                          Ed Welch

What makes an engine happy?

What makes an engine sad?...

Strength                         Ed Welch

ou've got to have strength, strength to make the wheels go round

Strength, strength to lift things off the ground...


Characters Introduced

Being Reliable

  • Follow that Flour
  • Learning Segment: Where is Henry's Coal?
  • Sodor's Special Places: Knapford Station (part 1)
  • Song: Doing it Right
  • Learning Segment: How Does Thomas Feel?
  • A Smooth Ride


  • Thomas and the Jet Plane
  • Learning Segment: How are Thomas and Percy Different?
  • Sodor's Special Places: Gordon's Hill
  • Learning Segment: Who Can Take Them?
  • Learning Segment: What's Found Where?
  • Percy and the Carnival 


  • The Green Controller
  • Learning Segment: New Parts for James
  • Sodor's Special Places: Sodor Suspension Bridge and other Bridges
  • Learning Segment: Who Will Percy See?
  • Learning Segment: Who's Under the Coal Dust? - Emily
  • Duncan Drops a Clanger


  • Thomas' Tricky Tree
  • Learning Segment: Help From your Friends
  • Sodor's Special Places: Farmer McColl's Farm
  • Song: H is for Harold
  • Learning Segment: Guess the Engine: Edward
  • Toby's Afternoon Off

Special Days

  • It's Good to Be Gordon 
  • Learning Segment: Who Should Take the Telegraph Pole?
  • Sodor's Special Places: The High Hills (Part 1)
  • Learning Segment: Which Outfit for which Occasion?
  • Learning Segment: Dot to Dot - Jeremy
  • Seeing the Sights

Old and New

  • Fearless Freddie 
  • Song: There's Always Something New 
  • Sodor's Special Places: The Quarry
  • Learning Segment: Toby's New Shed
  • Toby's New Shed


  • Big Strong Henry
  • Learning Segment: Percy's Story
  • Sodor's Special Places: The Seaside
  • Learning Segment: Mavis as a Steam Engine
  • Learning Segment: Which Friend is in Which Shed?
  • Sticky Toffee Thomas/Sticky Taffy Thomas


  • Which Way Now?
  • Song: Navigation
  • Learning Segment: Which Track for Henry?
  • Sodor's Special Places: Tidmouth Sheds (Part 1)
  • Learning Segment: Over the Bridge
  • Thomas and the Shooting Star 

Big and Small

  • Big Strong Henry
  • Learning Segment: Right Sized Engine for the Job
  • Sodor's Special Places: Tidmouth Sheds (Part 2)
  • Learning Segment: Emily Huffs Out of the Station
  • Learning Segment: Which Engine Should go to Which Building?
  • Topped Off Thomas

Lost Favorite Places

  • Wharf and Peace
  • Learning Segment: Toby's Favorite Place
  • Song: Favorite Places  
  • Sodor's Special Places: The High Hills (Part 2)
  • Learning Segment: Emily's Favourite Place
  • Thomas' Frosty Friend

The Way I See It

  • Emily and the Special Cars 
  • Learning Segment: Diesels and Steamers
  • Sodor's Special Places: Knapford Station (part 2)
  • Counting on Toby
  • Learning Segment: What is Henry Thinking of?
  • Learning Segment: What Does Harold See?
  • Thomas and the Colors


  • Edward and the Search for the Steam Trio
  • Learning Segment: Which Load for Rosie?
  • Song: Strength
  • Sodor's Special Places: The Coaling Plant
  • Learning Segment: Clever Percy
  • Duncan's Bluff


  • Missing Freight Cars
  • Learning Segment: Dot to Dot - Percy
  • Learning Segment: Up and Down the Hill
  • Henry and the Whistling Woods
  • Sodor's Special Places: Brendam Docks (Part 1)
  • Learning Segment: Percy's Treasure
  • Learning Segment: Dot to Dot - Toby
  • Thomas and the Treasure


  • James the Second Best
  • Learning Segment: Where Is Salty's Favourite Place to Work?
  • Song: Responsibility
  • Confusion Without Delay
  • Sodor's Special Places: Brendam Docks (Part 2)
  • Learning Segment: Happy or Sad?
  • Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out


  • Thomas appears in twenty-seven of the twenty-eight episodes in this series, more than any other series in episodes produced by HiT Entertainment and the whole model series.
  • This series was the only one thing: 
  • The first and only series to date in which 'Arry and Bert do not appear since their introduction in the fifth series, although they do appear in music videos from this series.

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