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The twelfth series of Thomas & Friends.


  1. Duck and the Billboard
    Duck accidentally obscures Duck in a photograph of the engines which makes Duck think he did it on purpose.
  2. Steady Eddie
    Edward takes the Great waterton water wheel on the scenic route to show off to his friends, and as a result, loses it as it ends up on BoCo’s train to the Smelter’s Yard.
  3. Rosie's Funfair Special / Rosie's Carnival Special
    Rosie and Rebecca are pulling a train for a fair, but Rosie wants to pull it alone.
  4. Mountain Marvel
    Peter Sam rushes to finish his jobs in order to hear a tale about Proteus from the famous storyteller, Miss Marvel, when he finds a very special statue of the magical engine himself.
  5. Henry Gets it Wrong
    Henry worries that the workmen are going to cut down the wishing tree, so he blocks the tracks, only to find that the workmen are actually trying to save the tree.
  6. Heave Ho Thomas!
    A large new engine called Hank arrives, but Thomas is determined not to need his help.
  7. Toby's Special Surprise
    Toby wants to make an impression by searching Sodor for something special.
  8. What Rebecca Does
    Rebecca is worried that, unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her.
  9. The Party Surprise
    Freddie decides to reorganise a winter party from Mr. Percival's house to the Wharf as a surprise for Colin the crane.
  10. Saved You!
    Rosie wants to prove her heroism when she learns a fireman is to be honoured, but instead causes trouble for Henry, Pip and Emma.
  11. Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
    Mr. Percival's twins are getting a ride in the Hot Air Balloon for their birthday, but Duncan wants to take them himself.
  12. Eagle Works it Out
    When Eagle ignores Hector's advice, he gets caught in bad winter weather.
  13. Tram Trouble
    Toby and a new steam tram named Flora are leading a parade at Great Waterton; Stanley thinks Toby would rather lead the event on his own and tries to distract Flora.
  14. Don't Go Back
    Lady and Diesel race backwards instead of doing their work, causing them to crash into Mavis, 'Arry and Bert.
  15. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
    Gordon gets lost while taking a shortcut and refuses to ask Duck, Oliver and Toad for help.
  16. The Man in the Hills
    Stepney and the narrow gauge engines collect presents for Mr. Percival's birthday.
  17. Stanley Put the Brakes On
    Stanley's brakes malfunction while delivering bricks to repair a bridge, and he does not listen when Eagle tells him to have his brakes checked.
  18. Percy and the Bandstand
    Percy is tasked with bringing Lady Hatt to a surprise party, but the unknowing Lady Hatt tells him to go elsewhere.
  19. Push Me, Pull You
    Skarloey refuses Rheneas' help to pull a train for a puppet show and ends up playing the trucks' games.
  20. Best Friends
    Thomas tries to avoid telling Percy he has been given a job Percy wants to do.
  21. Cars & Cowcatchers
    An naughty boy drives Caroline much too fast.
  22. A Little Push
    Rusty tells Mavis a story that he took Rheneas' coaches by accident.
  23. Bertie Goes Bust
    While Thomas is ill, Sir Topham Hatt sends Mavis to take his passenger train to Toryreck where she meet Bertie who doubts her that she's the fastest as Thomas, until he ends up to hit the pothole and damage his engine.
  24. Pub-Lic Enemy
    Mavis vows to pay out, only to find that both she and George are too evenly hot-headed. He soon learns his lesson after the accident in the past night.
  25. Catching The Milk Train
    James complains about the Milk Tankers.
  26. Toby's Trial
    When the inspector came, he was very cross with the service and decided to tell the board to retire Toby. Much to the shock of Toby and Henrietta.


  1. Thomas' Anthem
  2. The Official BBC Children in Need Medley


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