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The fourteenth series of Thomas & Friends first aired on television in October 2010 in the UK and between November 2010 and January 2011 in the US.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
MainStanleyCGI.png The Tender Mark Robertson 12th October 2010 #02
Stanley feels fear of the ghost engine, asking where his tender is.
Percy.png Percy in a Muddle Miranda Larson 13th October 2010 #03
Percy plays a trick on Spencer , the private engine shows that not only tank engines on Sodor can be cheeky.
Sir Handel.png Better Late Than Never Sharon Miller 14th October 2010 #04
Sir Handel gets too big for his buffers and tries to show off. Find out what happens when his extra wheels don't take him where he needs to go.
Duncan.png King Duncan Louise Kramskoy 15th October 2010 #05
Duncan finds a mysterious crown and decides that he should be in charge. He isn't a wise king however and his "subjects" don't take a liking to his rule.
Diesel.png Frenemies Sharon Miller 18th October 2010 #06
Duck reminds Diesel not to do anything bad, so he manages to be really useful engine and being friends with Duck, or is he?
Henry.png Henry's Busy Day Jessica Sandys Clarke 19th October 2010 #07
Henry has lot's of work to do, and tries to finish everything quickly without being careful.
Henry.png Henry the Private Engine Mark Robertson 20th October 2010 #08
After Spencer is sent the works, The Duke and Duchess borrow Henry to be their private engine. But Henry, while excited, is worried he won’t be able to do the job as well as Spencer can.
Rebecca.png Rebecca's Whistle Denise Cassar 21st October 2010 #09
Rebecca the new engine is given the task of pulling the express. But when she has to blow her whistle for the right reasons, she decides its best not to.
MainThomasCGI2.png Reliable Thomas Mark Daydy 22nd October 2010 #10
Thomas returns from the Steamworks after his accident on Duck's Branch Line, and Gordon thinks Thomas is a very unreliable engine, but Thomas soon proves Gordon wrong.
MainStanleyCGI.png Fear Rachel Dawson 25th October 2010 #11
Stanley was getting cocky and teased about a visiting diesel's fear of hills when pulling long trains. However Neville reminded him that he too also have a fear of hills (Stanley) a month after Sodor Day.
Daisy.png Daisy's Duchess Miranda Larson 26th October 2010 #12
Daisy finally gets the chance to carry the Duchess of Boxford, but Spencer isn't very happy about it.
150px Save Our Norramby Jessica Sandys Clarke 27th October 2010 #13
The Mainland decides to close Geoffery’s branch line due to a lack of paying passengers.
Rheneas.png Speedkiller Sharon Miller 28th October 2010 #14
Rheneas has trouble with a heavy train and rails made greasy by the "Weed-killer".
Sir Handel.png Sir Handel's Plan Sharon Miller 29th October 2010 #15
Sir Handel is upset at Peter Sam for returning from the Talyllyn Railway when their new engine isn't ready, so he decides to teach him a lesson by intentionally damaging his firebars. But needless to say, his plan backfires on him.
Peter Sam.png Dirty Water Sharon Miller 1st November 2010 #16
While Kathy and Lizzie are cleaning Peter Sam, he tells them how well they clean engines on the Talyllyn Railway where he had recently returned from. Kathy takes it the wrong way, but Peter Sam explains to her what he means by telling the two of them of his incident with the water on the Talyllyn.
IvoHughPromo.png I Name this Engine... Sharon Miller 2nd November 2010 #17
The engines on the Skarloey Railway are becoming more and more excited to see the new engine and find out what his name is
Donald.png Buffer Bashing Sharon Miller 3rd November 2010 #18
While Donald and Douglas are bringing ballast trains for James to take to mend a section of track on the Main line, both twins end up smashing the buffers of a rather icy siding.
GordonS23.png Gordon’s Fire Service Sharon Miller 4th November 2010 #19
Gordon helps the fire team to put out a fire with water from his tender.
MainSirTophamHattCGI.png Centenary Sharon Miller 8th November 2010 #20
It's been 100 years since the Thin Clergyman was born, and the Fat Controller decides to celebrate by ordering a bust of him, and a special visitor to come and unveil it. But the plans may be derailed when Henry's tunnel collapses behind James, cutting Sodor off from the outside world.