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The fifteenth series of Thomas & Friends first aired during March 2011 in the UK and between April and June in the US.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Ben.png The Forest Through the Trees Sharon Miller 1st March 2011 #01
Bill and Ben get up to mischief in the forests of Sodor, much to Henry's chagrin.
PercyS23.png Down the Middle Sharon Miller 2nd March 2011 #02
Percy becomes jealous of Oliver's two-toned whistle sound and longs for a more exciting whistle.
JamesS23.png James, Jinty and Pug Sharon Miller 3rd March 2011 #03
JamesS23.png The Flaming Kipper Gerard Foster 4th March 2011 #04
Henry can't make steam and the Fat Controller had ordered James to take the Flying Kipper. But James received the train a new nickname after a fire!
Julie.png Percy and the Party Sharon Miller 7th March 2011 #05
Jinty and Pug are finally coming to James’ Branch Line and James and Emily plan a party. After Jame gets into trouble however, it's up to Percy to help out and save the day.
GordonS23.png O the Indignity Sharon Miller 8th March 2011 #06
Diesel is sent back to help Gordon and James at Vicarstown, but ends up causing more trouble for the two engines.
Norman.png Calm Before the Norm Sharon Miller 9th March 2011 #07
Dennis is known to be a lazy engine and always tries to get out of work. When he is sent to get a train from Vicarstown he decides to push all his work on to his brother, Norman.
PercyS23.png Thomas and the Old Coaches Sharon Miller 10th March 2011 #08
Thomas finds other coaches while Annie and Clarabel are sent away for repairs and discovers that the coaches are more than he bargained for!
William.png William * Sharon Miller 11th March 2011 #09
A mysterious engine arrived on Sodor named William, an engine that use to work with Oliver at Raubon in England until it closed.
GordonS23.png Tender Engines Don't Shunt Sharon Miller 14th March 2011 #10
Gordon gets even more cross when he learned he has to shunt his own train and so with a crazy and rushed idea
JamesS23.png One Bump Too Many Stephen Patton 15th March 2011 #11
There was a van in the yard who feels he's like he's just a cog in the system.
MainThomasCGI2.png The Bakery Express Jessica Sandys Clarke 16th March 2011 #12
The Fat Controller had told them that they will be taking baking goods to various stations for the shops in the towns due to the rude bakery van naked Gary.
Toby.png Respect for Toby Sharon Miller 17th March 2011 #13
Percy and Mavis were sent to the works after an accident. So Toby was sent to help with the work along with 'Arry and Bert, who tease him for being old. That is until they soon learn to respect him.
Sir Handel.png Whistle Trouble Stephen Patton 18th March 2011 #14
Peter Sam came back to the sheds with a faulty whistle. Sir Handel laughed at his misfortunes. But Duke called him out since he, Sir Handel had a familiar experience.
Ben.png Fireless Engines Sharon Miller 21st March 2011 #15
Bill and Ben try to harrass Gordon while he is having a rest before his evening express train. But Gordon then tricks the twins by telling them a scary story about another railway that decided to use Fireless Engines.
William.png William and the Enthusiant Stephen Patton 22nd March 2011 #16
William has to deal with an enthusiast who was rather impatient with other people who like the same hobby as him.
GordonS23.png Gordon and the Pigs Stephen Patton 23rd March 2011 #17
Richard was stopped by a cow munching her breakfast. Gordon couldn't help but laugh when he learnt what goes around comes around.
Mavis.png Common Diesel Lizzie Ennever 24th March 2011 #18
After she and Toby get in a quarrel, Mavis proves herself as really useful.
Mavis.png Excellent Mavis Sharon Miller 25th March 2011 #19
Mavis becomes conceited after receiving praise from Sir Topham Hatt, that she does not listen to her Toby and Diesel’s advice when she has to take Terence to clean the airport runway.
Flynn.png Fiery Flynn Sharon Miller 28th March 2011 #20
Flynn tries to impress the diesels with his bravado with potentially disastrous results.