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(Note: * means that an episode has yet to be released on home media in the US).

Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original UK release date Episode number #
Sidney.png Sidney Sings Lee Pressman 5th September 2016 #01
Forgetful Sidney makes up a song to help him remember his jobs.
Toby.png Toby's New Friend Andrew Brenner 6th September 2016 #02
Philip tries to make friends with Toby, much to Toby's dismay.
Richard.png Richard Gets the Express Helen Farrall 7th September 2016 #03
Richard takes the express instead of Gordon.
Diesel.png Diesel and the Ducklings Lee Pressman 8th September 2016 #04
Diesel struggles to keep up his rough and tough demeanour when he makes friends with some ducklings.
Bradford.png Bradford the Brake Van * Lee Pressman 9th September 2016 #05
A brake van from the mainland arrives and gets the trucks to behave.
Samson.png Saving Time Andrew Brenner 21st November 2016 #06
Samson takes as many trucks as he can of an important stone train to save time getting to the docks.
Ryan.png Ryan and Daisy * Davey Moore 22nd November 2016 #07
Daisy manipulates Ryan to get him to do her extra work, as well as his own.
James in his new Livery (Ruff21st).png Pouty James * Andrew Brenner 23rd November 2016 #08
James has to learn to change his showy attitude.
Skiff.png Blown Away * Helen Farrall 24th November 2016 #09
Skiff is helping prepare for a storm, but he himself is blown away down the track.
Daisy.png The Way She Does It * Davey Moore 25th November 2016 #10
Daisy boasts about transporting an entertainers group.
PercyS23.png Letters to Santa Helen Farrall 27th December 2016 #11
Percy thinks Harold is full of himself when he offers to help him with the Christmas mail.
Douglas.png Love Me Tender Davey Moore 28th December 2016 #12
Donald and Douglas argue while clearing the snow.
Daisy.png The Railcar and the Coaches Davey Moore 29th December 2016 #13
Daisy is rude to Annie and Clarabel.
Max.png Mucking About * Davey Moore 5th June 2017 #14
Thomas questions his friendship with Max and Monty after they repeatedly pull reckless and dangerous stunts.
Connor.png Cautious Connor Andrew Brenner 6th June 2017 #15
Connor gets damaged when travelling at high speed and decides that he must go more slowly from now on.
James in his new Livery (Ruff21st).png All in Vain Helen Farrall 7th June 2017 #16
James has to take the Mayor to Callan Castle, but is mortified when he finds a tiny scratch on his paintwork.
Fergus.png The Lost Pup * Lee Pressman 8th June 2017 #17
Fergus runs into a stray dog on the line, and shoos him off. He later meets the dog's owner and feels guilty for scaring it off. So Fergus sets out to find the Lost Pup.
Gwen the Small Blue Tank Engine.png Gwen and Sigrid Andrew Brenner 9th June 2017 #18
Samantha.png Two Left Buffers * Andrew Brenner 12th June 2017 #19
Samantha comes to Sodor to help out on the Harwick Branch Line. But she doesn’t quite make the Best 1st Impression.
Skiff.png Skiff and the Grumpy Barge * Andrew Brenner 13th June 2017 #20
When Skiff arrives, Bulstrode explains that he now feels sorry for his mistakes and wishes to be used again.
Henry.png Henry in the Dark Lee Pressman 24th July 2017 #21
Henry is accidentally given paint that glows in the dark.
MainThomasCGI2.png Three Steam Engines Gruff Andrew Brenner 25th July 2017 #22
Thomas, Percy and Toby are frightened by a sound from under the bridge.
Hugo.png Hugo and the Airship Andrew Brenner 27th July 2017 #24
Hugo wishes he could fly like an airship that has been soaring over Sodor.
Judy.png The Missing Breakdown Train Davey Moore 28th July 2017 #25
Judy and Jerome get their chance to be really useful again.
Skiff.png Skiff and the Mermaid Helen Farrall 31st July 2017 #26
Skiff and Sir Topham Hatt go on a wild adventure around Arlesburgh Harbour in search of a mermaid.
Glynn.png The Christmas Coffeepot Helen Farrall 14th December 2017 #27
Marion rediscovers Glynn the Coffee Pot Engine, who restored and taken to Ulfstead Castle.
Glynn.png Over the Hill Helen Farrall 20th December 2017 #28
Stephen becomes jealous of all the attention received by Glynn at the castle.