Series 23 of Thomas & Friends has begun airing on May 18 2019 US And will air on September in the UK in 2019

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Mattel has greenlit a new series and several specials for Thomas & Friends that will premiere in 2019. Production has begun on the 23rd series that will consist of 20 x 11-minute episodes as well as three x 22-minute specials following the recent revamp of the series. The series will once again see Thomas visiting two new countries: Italy and Brazil

Series 23 will be the second series of Thomas and Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!. Thomas explores the world and back home on Sodor with his friends James, Percy, Nia, Gordon, Rebecca and Emily.


  1. The Other Big Engine
  2. Grudge Match
  3. Free the Roads
  4. Chucklesome Trucks
  5. Heart of Gold
  6. Laid Back Shane
  7. Wish You Were Here
  8. Shankar's Makeover

Special EpisodesEdit

  1. Digs and Discoveries

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Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Bill and Ben, Harvey, Spencer, Whiff, Stanley, Charlie, Scruff, Belle, Connor, Caitlin, Porter, Timothy, Rajiv, Theo, Lexi, Hurricane, Merlin, The Brazilian Tank Engine, Hong-Mei, Daisy, Mavis, 'Arry and Bert, Salty, Den, Dart, Sidney, Paxton, Norman, Hugo, Frankie, The Chinese Diesel, Stafford, Marion, Skiff, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Victor, Rex, Bert, Mike, Slip Coaches, Toad, Rocky, Bradford, An An and Yin-Long, Trevor, Harold, Isla, Lady Hatt, Jem Cole, Fergus Duncan, The Thin Clergyman, The Fat Clergyman, Farmer McColl, Cyril the Fogman, The Foreman, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford and Captain Joe are also likely to appear.

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  • This season marks the first of many things:
    • Gina, Raul, Emerson, Cassia and Ace's first appearances in an episode and their first appearances since The Great Race and Big World! Big Adventures! respectively.
    • Knapford Harbour's first appearance in full CGI and it’s first full appearance since the Season 4 episode, Special Attraction.
    • This is the first time that Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy and Emily are seen in their new CGI models. They all gain additional rivets and handrails, while Gordon gains a second permanent lamp and Thomas gains a step on the front of his tanks. Emily also gains an additional handrail above her smokebox, and her buffers are recoloured black in order to look more consistent alongside the other Steam Team members.
  • This series will be Andrew Brenner's final series as head writer.
  • Emily Sharpe, Ferderico Trujillo, Francisco Labbe, Monica Lopera and Laura Cucurullo join the voice cast.
  • Peter Andre, Colin McFarlane, Miranda Raison, Mike Grady and Nathan Clarke return to the voice cast.