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The third series of Thomas and Friends.


Before production of the third series, of the smaller miniature engines. Clearwater Features closed down, with The Britt Allcroft Company becoming the sole producer of Thomas. Producer Robert D. Cardona departed the programme before the third series, and Britt Allcroft took his place as co-producer alongside David Mitton.

The series was a mix of episodes derived from the Railway Series, magazines stories (written by the series' former head writer, Andrew Brenner) and some original stories by Allcroft and Mitton. One of the primary reasons for diverging from the original books was that many of the stories not yet used featured large numbers of new characters, which would be expensive to produce. Another reason was that the producers wanted more stories about Thomas, the nominal main character. The Rev. W. Awdry took umbrage with the looser adaptations of his stories, and publicly criticized the original episodes for their lack of realism.

  1. Thomas Gets Bumped
    Thomas' branch line is closed due to bent rails on the line. He begins to think he's lost his passengers to Bertie.
  2. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
    Edward and Trevor help the Vicar with his garden party to fund a seaside trip for the children.
  3. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
    Percy teases Thomas about being frightened all the time, but when Thomas is delivering a dragon in the night, Percy ends up getting a fright.
  4. Thomas and the Hurricane
    A hurricane force wind sweeps across the Island of Sodor and causes several problems for Thomas such as a fallen signal and a tree in his path. But the wind isn't enough to stop a soccer match, and it's a good thing too.
  5. Trapped by Trees
    Gordon gets trapped by the tree!
  6. Thomas, Percy and the Post Train/Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
    When a mail ship ends up getting delayed, Thomas and Percy worry that Harold will replace the mail train.
  7. Trust Thomas
    Bertie learns that he can trust engines like Thomas when he remembers a missing tanker after having an accident with some cars.
  8. Henry's Forest
    When a storm comes, Henry's favourite forest experiences severe devastation. His friends soon team together to cheer him up.
  9. Mud and Leaves
    Gordon was is now put on goods work. As a replacement, James or Henry take the Express. But slippery weather soon prevents James from getting past a difficult part of the Mainline.
  10. Bertie Saves the Day
    Algy the bus breaks down while touring some naturalists in the hills, and Bertie, despite being unwell, has to come and help.
  11. All at Sea
    Duck wishes that he could travel at sea, but he changes his mind when he learns that engines are happiest on the rails.
  12. Ballast
    Thomas and Duck visits Rex the Arlesdale green engine introduces him to two other engines, Bert and Mike. When Duck discovers that they do not have any passengers yet, he leaves, promising to bring some for them.
  13. Tit for Tat
    Bert is splashed by some visitors to the railway and is determined to get back at them.
  14. Mike's Whistle
    After teasing Duck about his whistle, Mike boasts about his own.
  15. Useful Railway
    Rex thinks pulling wool trains is an easy job, but he quickly discovers otherwise.
  16. Tender Engines
    When Gordon's brother Flying Scotsman visits Sodor, Henry becomes jealous him with his two tenders.
  17. Super Rescue
    D199 ironically failed with a train of fuel tankers at a signal box, blocking the crossing. Henry, whose regulator had already jammed, came to help. However, after D7101's ejector leaked, making him unable to pull his passenger train.
  18. Escape to the Little Western
    Douglas travels to the Mainland where only the diesels work. After Paxton helps him, he meets Oliver, Isabel and Toad, who are trying to escape from scrap.
  19. Rescue and Redemption
    N / A
  20. Donald's Duck
    Duck is given his own branch line for working hard and becomes conceited, which makes Donald cross until Duck and his driver play a joke on him.
  21. Oliver Owns Up
    Oliver becomes conceited and thinks that he can manage trucks, but is soon proven wrong.
  22. Bulgy
    A new bus named Bulgy wants railways to be scrapped, and attempts to steal Duck's passengers.
  23. What a Picture!
    Railway enthusiasts visit the China Clay Works, and Bill poses for a photograph with surprising results.
  24. What's the Matter with Henry?
    Henry and the Scottish Twins are sent to collect coal cars and take them to the harbor. Henry is feeling ill but Donald and Douglas do not believe him and leave him a long line of cars.
  25. Heroes
    The freight cars trick Bill and Ben into causing a big muddle in the yard, making them late to arrange Gordon's evening train.
  26. Scrambled Eggs
    Thomas is sent to work on Edward's branch line while his own line is being repaired. Bill and Ben are there and, much to his fury, tease him for not being painted yellow like them. But crashing into a lorry and getting covered in broken eggs is the worst part of his stay.
  27. Down the Drain
    While the China Clay Pits is almost restored, one, day, it floods during a heavy rain, right when Ben takes his load of China Clay along there, causing him to get stuck halfway over the drain.
  28. Duck, James and the Fruitful Day
    James and Duck learn their brakes aren't the only thing that get jammed.
  29. Mavis
    The new quarry diesel Mavis reorganizes things to her liking, making Toby cross.
  30. Toby's Tightrope
    Mavis tries to make a plan to go further down the Quarry line, but she ends up putting Toby in danger.
  31. Post Early for Christmas
    Percy is sent to deliver the post the week before Christmas Day until he gets stuck in a snowdrift and has to wait a long time to be rescued.


Characters Introduced


  • This was the first series to boast several new elements of Thomas & Friends:
  • The first series to have episodes not based on stories by either Awdry.
  • Britt Allcroft's first series as producer.
  • Angus Wright's first series as executive producer.
  • The first series to use Rockwell font.
  • Junior Campbell and Mike O'Donnell used the EMU Proteus 2 Orchestral to create the score. However, some of the music made with the Roland Jupiter 6 synthesiser for the first and second series was used.
  • The first series where Thomas' shocked face gains a buck tooth.
  • The first and only series where Edward's angry face gains some teeth.
  • The first series to have slow motion effects.
  • The first series to have another female engine (Mavis).
  • From this series on, characters would say "be quiet" instead of "shut up," presumably to make the show's language gentler. Although "shut up" was just said in Series 2.

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