The fifth series of Thomas and Friends. All thirty-one episodes. I narrated

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Cranky Bugs #1

A new crane called Cranky arrives at the docks and causes trouble for Bill and Ben but eventually needs their help after a storm.

Horrid Lorry #2

Three very Horrid Lorries arrive on Sodor and start taking over the engines' jobs. Eventually, the tables are turned and the lorries get their comeuppance.

A Better View for Gordon #3

Gordon complains about the plainness of a new station and longs for a panoramic view, which he gets unexpectedly.

Thomas and the Old Oak Tree #4

Thomas' driver is getting old, and Thomas is worried that he might retire soon, and that makes him very sad. Soon thereafter, a new driver begins taking him out, and Thomas loses patience. He learns that his old driver has fallen ill, and Thomas must find a way to help him.

James and the Trouble with Trees #5

James' bragging prevents him from listening to Henry, Percy and Terence's warnings about trees that are too close to the line.

Gordon and the Gremlin #6

Gordon has problems with his fire and the others joke of gremlins. Later, a special visitor arrives and her dog runs away into Thomas' cab.

Baa! #7

A "Best Dressed Station" contest is being held across Sodor. However, as Percy is helping decorate Maithwaite station, a hungry ram is found at the station and the decorations are ruined.

Gordon and Spencer #8

A new private engine comes to Sodor and he is taken the duke and duchess of Boxford to the ceremony. Gordon advises Spencer to take on water, but he refuses to listen.

Toby and the Flood #9

Toby is sent to inspect a dam and discovers a few leaks in it. It eventually collapses and causes an unsafe bridge to break, causing him to drift towards a waterfall.

Haunted Henry #10

Henry refuses to believe in ghosts, until he and his crew encounter a series of spooky events during the night.

Double Teething Troubles #11

Bill and Ben are worried when they hear that Derek, a malfunctioning diesel, is going to help them work in the clay pits.

You Can Do It, Percy!                #12

Percy has to look after Wellsworth while Edward is at Brendam, but is nervous about being James’ banker.

Toby and the Mail Train #13

Percy feels ill, so Toby is tasked with pulling the mail train in his place. However, he finds that it's much harder than he'd anticipated.

Thomas & The Old Timers #14

Edward was helping Toby in the yards while Thomas was getting too big for his wheels thinking he was doing more of the work while the two old engines, in his opinion, were dawdling and being unreliable. Thomas thought that he would get the shunting done faster than then them. But he soon learned his lesson when it comes to the 'Old Timers'.

Toby's Discovery #15

Toby takes the Hatts on an expedition, finding a castle and an old mine. The destinations are reopened, but Toby is spooked by Thomas' story about "The Old Warrior".

Brave Little Engine #16

Sir Handel is very rude to Bertram about his story.

Something in the Air #17

Henry is cross when Thomas delays him and refuses to listen to his warning about a line eroded by high tides.

Duck and the Slip Coaches #18

James steals Duck's idea of bringing special slip coaches to the railway.

James' Second Chance #19

Diesel ignores Duck's warning of bringing the slip coaches to the harbor. James plans to help them get there.

Thomas And The Rumours #20

The engines discover that Harold has been hired to show a special visitor around the island and fear being replaced.

Oliver's Find #21

Oliver is put on mail duty and ends up going down an old branch line due to a dozing signalman.

Washout! #22

While Thomas is at the works, Percy, Annie and Clarabel crosses the bridge when they hears an ominous creaking and no sooner has he crossed it than it is swept away.

Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday #23

Sir Topham Hatt and his family go on holiday, though things start to go wrong.

Cranky Bear                                 #24

D199 is given a second chance and has changed his views on the railway, but D7101 distrusting of him and treat him cruelly until he derails, his old friend grudgingly come to the rescue.

Bye George! #25

George the Steamroller causes a great deal of trouble for the engines.

Thomas, Percy and Hariet #26

Thomas and Percy discover an old coach named Hariet in the scrapyard and want to save her.

Happy Ever After #27

Mrs. Kyndley asks Percy and his driver to make a "good luck package" for her daughter's wedding.

Make Someone Happy #28

James and Bert see Mrs. Kyndley, who is upset that her sister cannot come and visit. A "mystery tour" is arranged for her and James is chosen for it.

Duncan Gets Spooked #29

Duncan teases Peter Sam after some freight cars fall into a ravine, so Rusty tells Duncan a ghost story to make him eat his own words.

Rusty and the Boulder #30

Rusty is suspicious of a strange boulder lodged in the mountains.

Snow #31

Thomas is cross with the snow, so Rusty tells him about Skarloey's own experience in an avalanche.

Title Composers

It's Great to be an Engine Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

Oh yes, it's great to be an engine and go steaming along

Puff puff puffing along, peep peep peeping along...

Sir Topham Hatt Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

His name is Sir Topham Hatt some people say he's - Stout!!

Rather rotund, really quite round but he doesn't see it like that...

Accidents Will Happen Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

Thrills and spills on the railway, it's a life of happiness,

But sometimes impatience can lead to carelessness...

Night Train Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

See how the night sky glows,

See the light from the night train...

The Snow Song Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

You wake to the silence, the bright afterglow

Now there's a surprise, for what do you know...

Harold the Helicopter Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

Who do you call when the chips are down

When your back is against the wall...

Donald's Duck Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

I found a quacker in my tender.

She was very, very tame...

Percy's Seaside Trip Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

The sun is shining, it's a lovely day,

It won't be long before we're on our way...

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

Life is full of surprises, full of ups and downs

And so to have a silver lining, first there must be cloud...

Come for the Ride Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell

All your friends on the railway would like you all to see

Just how much fun rockin' on the railway can be...


Characters Introduced


  • This was the first series of several things:
    • There are seven episodes based on the Railway Series stories by Christopher Awdry.
    • The first series with an episode where some railway on Sodor is referred to as a railroad. This occurs in Duncan Gets Spooked. However, railroad is an American term in the US.
    • The first series to introduce original characters with no connection to the Railway Series, except the only few.
    • Alec Baldwin's first series as narrator.
    • The first series not to air on Shining Time Station due to the show ending around 1996. Episodes from the fifth series were instead aired on FOX Family's Storytime with Thomas.
    • The first series to use a Proteus 2000 to compose the music.
    • The first series not dubbed in Ukrainian.
    • The first series to air in Canada.
    • The first series dubbed by The Maidstone Studios.
    • The first series in which the phrase, "confusion and delay" is said.
    • The first series in which Elsbridge does not appear.
    • The first series to feature Thomas' unused panicked and excited face masks from the third series.
    • The first series to feature Gordon's unused soft-looking shocked face mask from the second series.
    • The first series to feature Bertie's unused surprised face mask from the second series.
    • The first series to feature George's unused panicked and sad face masks from the fourth series.
    • The first series where food items are transported in open wagons.
  • According to an interview with David Mitton before his death in 2008, this series was supposed to be a showcase for Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • This series features more songs than any other to date, at a total of ten.
  • This was also the final series of several things:
    • Britt Allcroft's final series as writer and producer.
    • David Mitton's final series as producer.
    • Angus Wright's last series as executive producer.
    • The last series to premiere in the UK on Cartoon Network.
    • The last series filmed completely in 4:3 full screen.
    • The last series released on VHS in New Zealand, though incomplete.
    • The last series shown in Germany and Latin America until the eighth series.
    • The last series to have a railway consultant until the seventeenth series.
    • The last series where Thomas' shocked face had a bucktooth.
    • The last series to feature a modified version of James' happy face where is bottom jaw is slightly more pointed.
    • The last series in the main show where Thomas and Percy's original wincing face masks are used on-screen. A new one would later be made for Thomas in the seventh series and a new one would be made for Percy in the eighth series.
    • The last series to use the sound effects in Dolby Surround Sound for diesel engines, but continues with steam engines, road vehicles, rolling stock and people
    • The last series where the supports under Thomas' whistle become gold.
    • The last series to have all its episodes released on VHS in the UK and Australia. The two episodes, Bye George! and Something in the Air, were featured on the ABC For Kids compilation VHS, PlayBox in the latter country.
    • John L. Wright's last series as editor.
    • The last series where Thomas and Percy's original smiling face masks were used on-screen.
    • The last series released in the 1990s.
    • The last series to use the nameboards in the UK. However, the nameboards would last up to the fourth series for the US and Japan.
  • This was also the only series of several things:
    • David Maidment's only series as railway consultant and writer.
    • The only series recorded in Dolby Surround Sound, hence the absence of certain sound effects and music in either the UK or US version of several episodes.
    • The only series to feature Thomas' unused excited face mask from the third series.
  • Michael Angelis was not credited in the opening titles for the UK narration. However, he is credited as narrator in the Hindi narration, even though it was re-dubbed and Alec Baldwin was credited in the opening titles for the US narration.
  • Starting with this series up to the twelfth series, the brake sound effect from the 1964 war film, The Train, would be used when an engine puts on the brakes.
  • This series was filmed in the same room that TUGS was filmed in.
  • The Japanese video game Magical Adventure utilised specially shot footage from this series.

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