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"I'd like to introduce you to my friend Shane, all the way from Down Under! Shane is a large and powerful steam engine who works on the railways of Australia. G'day mate! Shane is always up for having fun, and he always loves to tell a good story, but they're not always true. Shane often pulls two cheeky passenger coaches called Aubrey and Aiden. They've taught me all sorts of fun facts about working on the Australian Railway. My Australian friends are great! I can't wait for you to see what we got up to together!" - Thomas talks about Shane in Meet the Characters!

Shane is an Australian tender engine who participated in The Great Railway Show. He competed in the Strongest Engine competition.


Shane was invited to participate in the Great Railway Show, and was shipped to the Mainland with the other engines by ferry. He took part in the Strongest Engine competition, and competed against Henry, Frieda, Hiro and Vinnie. The winner of the competition was left unknown.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Shane left the Mainland and returned to Australia.

When Thomas visits Australia, he meets Shane. It is revealed that Shane has two coaches called Aubrey and Aiden.


Shane is a big, strong engine who has been working tirelessly to ensure he's in the best shape. Known as the "Whispering Giant", Shane's carefree ways make him many friends. Shane can usually be found as a tour guide in the Outback with Aubrey and Aiden, cracking jokes to the tourists.


Shane is painted teal green with yellow lining, Australia's sporting colours. The number "520" is painted in white above his face and on his cab sides in yellow, and the letters "S.A.R" are painted on his tender sides in yellow.

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Thomas & Friends

  • Series 22 - Outback Thomas, Cyclone Thomas and Kangaroo Christmas
  • Series 23 - Laid Back Shane and Deep Trouble (fantasy)
  • Series 24 - Ace's Brave Jump

He may appear in the twenty-fifth series.


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