Sharon Miller (born September 17, 1956) is an English director, producer, screenwriter, voice director and teacher.

She was the script editor for Thomas & Friends for the ninth, tenth and eleventh series's. She became head writer for the series starting with the twelfth series. She has directed the voice cast since Misty Island Rescue. She served as creative producer from Hero of the Rails until Series 14 and worked alongside Jo Jordan during the same season and Misty Island Rescue. In 2011, Miller stepped down as head writer in favour of Andrew Brenner.

She has also written for "Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!", "Mike the Knight", and "Lily's Driftwood Bay". She also currently voice directs and writes for "Wissper".

Episodes Written

Series 9

  • Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  • Tuneful Toots
  • The Magic Lamp
  • Thomas and the Birthday Picnic

Series 10

  • Follow that Flour
  • The Green Controller
  • Thomas' Tricky Tree
  • Edward Strikes Out
  • Topped Off Thomas
  • Thomas' Frosty Friend

Series 11

  • Thomas and the Spaceship
  • Thomas Sets Sail
  • Don't be Silly, Billy
  • Thomas and the Runaway Car
  • Ding-a-Ling

Series 12

  • Steady Eddie
  • Mountain Marvel
  • Heave Ho Thomas!
  • Toby's Special Surprise
  • Tram Trouble
  • The Man in the Hills
  • Push Me, Pull You

Series 13

  • Creaky Cranky
  • Double Trouble
  • Play Time
  • Steamy Sodor
  • Splish Splash Splosh
  • The Biggest Present of All
  • Buzzy Bees
  • Hiro Helps Out

Series 14

  • Thomas' Tall Friend
  • Charlie and Eddie
  • Henry's Health and Safety
  • Henry's Magic Box
  • Thomas' Crazy Day
  • Jumping Jobi Wood!
  • Thomas and Scruff
  • O the Indignity
  • Jitters and Japes
  • Merry Misty Island

Series 15

  • Gordon and Ferdinand
  • Toby and Bash
  • Emily and Dash
  • Edward the Hero
  • James to the Rescue
  • Happy Hiro
  • Up, Up and Away!
  • Henry's Happy Coal
  • Let it Snow
  • Surprise, Surprise
  • Stop That Bus!
  • Stuck on You
  • Big Belle
  • Tree Trouble
  • Fiery Flynn

Series 16

  • Race to the Rescue
  • Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  • Express Coming Through
  • Percy and the Monster of Brendam
  • Ho Ho Snowman
  • Bust My Buffers!
  • Salty's Surprise
  • Welcome Stafford
  • Don't Bother Victor!
  • Happy Birthday Sir!
  • The Christmas Tree Express


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