Sir Topham Hatt , apelidado de "o Fat Controller" (anteriormente conhecido como "o Fat Director" ), é o gerente da North Western Railway.

Sir Topham Hatt

In the television series there is only one Sir Topham Hatt. He can be described as a combination of the three controllers from the Railway Series.

Prior to him becoming Controller of the North Western Railway, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt owned a Sentinel steam lorry named Elizabeth, who notes that he was not the best driver. When he was a young man, Edward always took him aboard an old coach on his birthday. He also built the Coffee Pots, especially Glynn some time prior to Thomas arriving on Sodor. The Fat Controller later received his knighthood for his service to the railway industry. Sir Topham was also the controller of the Skarloey Railway, until Mr. Percival was hired to help him manage the ever-increasing size of his railway industry. Prior to Blue Mountain Mystery, he bought a track inspection car named Winston, who is often used as a private transportation vehicle on the railway.

Sir Topham Hatt married Lady Hatt and is the grandfather of Stephen and Bridget Hatt. He has a twin brother, Sir Lowham Hatt and his mother is Dowager Hatt. According to the Official Website, "we have yet to meet his children".

As well as owning several engines, he owns a cat, two cars and lives in a mansion somewhere on the outskirts of Wellsworth.


Sir Topham Hatt is firm but fair. He can be strict, but also shows a fatherly side to the engines. He is quite a strong character and will remind the engines that he is in charge when they start to rebel against his authority. He does not stand bullying and even though he is usually serious, he does enjoy a good laugh. Despite his kindness and fairness, however, there are times where he berates the engines for situations beyond their control.

Voice Actors

  • Keith Wickham (UK; Hero Of The Rails Onwards - US; The Adventure Begins Onwards)
  • Kerry Shale (US; Hero Of The Rails - Eighteenth Series)
  • Takeshi Aono (Japan; First - Fourth Series)
  • Takeshi Aono (Japan; Fifth - Eighth Series)
  • Rokurō Naya (Japan; Calling All Engines! - Samson At Your Service, Excluding Tale Of The Brave)
  • Kan Tanaka (Japan; Tale Of The Brave And Samson Sent For Scrap Onwards)


Sir Topham Hatt is a short, stout gentleman. He is usually dressed in a black suit with grey trousers, a cream or yellow waistcoat, a black tie and a top hat. He is most often depicted as having thinning grey hair and blue eyes.


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