Skarloey is a red narrow gauge engine. Who is 150 year old engine and my brother rheneas


  • Series 4- Sleeping Beauty (Cameo), Bulldog (Not Named; Does Not Speak),You cant Win (Cameo) 4 little Engine', A bad day for Sir Handel, Peter Sam & The Refreshment lady, Home at Last, Special Funnel, Steam Roller, Passanger & Polish, Gallant Old Engine, Thomas & Stepney (Cameo), Train Stop Play (Cameo) Bowled Out, Toad Stand By, Thomas & The Special Letter (Cameo)
  • Series 5- Horrid Lorry (Does Not Soeak), Gordon & Germlin, Bye Gorge, Baa, Toby Discvery (Cameo), Thomas Percy & Old Slow Coach (Does Not Speak), Oliver Find, A Suprise For Percy (Cameo), Rusty & Bolder & Snow
  • Series 6- James & Red Balloon (Cameo), Dunkin Duncan, Rusty Saves The Day & Faulty Whistle
  • Series 7- Bill Ben & Fergus (Cameo), The Old Bridge, Edward Brass Band, What The matter with Henry?, The Spotless Record
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