This is story 8/8 for Branch Line Problems. This is also the final story of Branch Line Problems

There had been a huge freze on sodor. Wilbert had left the day before, and although they said that the huge freze wasn't coming until that night, it was really going to go on all day long and not stopping until 6:00 A.M the following day. Plus, 3-6 inches of snow was expected to fall during the day. Percy was working at the shunting yard and wasn't going back to Thomas' Branch Line until tomorrow. Percy was already missing the branch line, but was glad that he was really going back to work that afternoon, as his driver told him the minute he arrived.

Percy: "I can't wait to get back there. Its probably going to be busy like it always is when I return on afternoons."

Percy's Driver: "Come along Percy, we need to set to work at once."

Percy: "Sorry."

Percy's Driver: "That's okay."

But meanwhile, beyond the shunting yards the points at the yards entrance were frozened. Jammed too, but Percy and his driver and fireman didn't know. Later that day, Victor arrived.

Victor: "Percy, the points are jammed and frozened. You will have to spend the night here."

Percy: "When will they be fixed?"

Victor: "In the morning. Its too late to fix them now. Sorry about the late warning my friend."

Percy: "That's okay Victor."

Percy watched as the other engines went home. That the night, snow pelted the ground as if it was trying to be the power of an engine. Percy was fast asleep in the siding his driver and fireman left him in until morning. In the morning, when Victor brought workmen to fix the points, he had to laugh at the fact that Percy was snowed in and he was buried in snow.

Victor: "Workmen, please dig Percy free of the snow when you have fixed the points."

When Percy woke up, Arthur was there. He had brought Percy's driver, fireman, and some coal for Percy.

Arthur: "Good morning Percy. I brought some coal for you."

Percy: "Thank you Arthur."

Arthur: "No problem at all."

When Percy did return to the branch line, he told them all about what had happened. And all the other engines agreed with Percy that, there are problems everywhere you go. Easy and Difficult ones, but they be solved and things can go back to normal until another problem occures. That's why its important to know what is good to do, even on branch lines!

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