(Thomas is seen looking concerned as he is approaching Knapford at the crack of dawn)

Narrator: It was the crack of dawn. And Thomas was worried about the treasure. When he saw who he knew.

(Thomas brightens up. He sees Ant and Dec chatting with each other. He puffs over to the platform)

(The scene cuts to the Knapford Station platform)

Dec: So what's your idea?

Ant: Well. I don't know to be honest with ya, Dec. But.... (gets cut off)

(Thomas's whistle is heard)

Thomas: Ant. Dec.

Dec: Heeeeyyyy.

Ant: Thomas.

Dec: Gee. You're looking like you're in a caper.

Thomas: Well. I just crashed down into a cavern a couple of days ago. But, I did find something. Two somethings.

Ant: Oooh. What's that?

Dec: Or them.

Thomas: One of them being.... a pirate ship.

Ant: What?!

Dec: Wow. You discovered a ship? Well, we've been on a ship before.

Thomas: What kind of a ship?

Ant: A cruise ship.

Dec: In Barcelona.

Thomas: Wow.

Ant: And what else have you found?

Thomas: (lowering his face) Something that bothers me.

(Ant and Dec become concerned)

Ant: Oh dear. What's that?

(Thomas becomes concerned again)

Thomas: The treasure.

Dec: Ooh. We've heard about that.

Ant: We've been listening to that... lousy pirate.

Thomas: Sailor John?

Dec: That's him.

Ant: He's been legitimately been cruel.

Dec: We heard him.

Thomas: And he's after that treasure. And I need to stop him.

Julia: Never fear, Thomas.

Alice: We've got you covered.

Dec: Waaay.

Ant: Yes, girls.

Julia: Don't panic, Thomas. You'll stop that stupid pirate... no problem.

Thomas: (sighs) I don't know if this wheelbarrow will work, Julia. I don't think I can stop Sailor John.

Julia: Yes you can, Thomas. Just get over your fears.

Narrator: Thomas knew the MerseyGirls since they met in London. But, he knew his friend Julia was right.

Thomas: I don't know about this, Julia.

Julia: Come on, Thomas. We trust you. Do you think he do it, guys?!

Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls: Yeeeesss!

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