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Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown is an upcoming special based on Thomas & Friends. Featuring the voices of John Hasler and Joseph May as Thomas the Tank Engine in the UK and US respectively, it also stars the recurring voices of Kerry Shale, Keith Wickham, Rob Rackstraw, Nigel Pilkington, Christopher Ragland, Yvonne Grundy, Rachael Miller, Jules de Jongh, Teresa Gallagher, Rasmus Hardiker, Mike Grady, Dominique Moore, Matt Wilkinson, Glenn Wrage, Steven Kynman, Tim Whitnall, David Menkin and Bob Golding, with Mark Moraghan narrating the special since 2017's Journey Beyond Sodor. The special was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Railway Series, and it's dedicated to the memory of Michael Angelis, the series' former UK narrator (1991-2012).

It received positive reviews from critics and fans, who lauded the emotional weight of the story, voice cast and direction, but criticized the relying on previous Thomas films and animation.



The special was confirmed to be "part one" of a conclusion to previous Thomas & Friends films, including The Adventure Begins, Hero of the Rails, Blue Mountain Mystery, Tale of the Brave, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, The Great Race, King of the Railway, Misty Island Rescue, Day of the Diesels, Journey Beyond Sodor, and Big World! Big Adventures!. Known as the sequel to Steam Team to the Rescue, Thomas and the Royal Engine, A New Arrival and World of Tomorrow, Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown was to be based on Thomas and his Friends, the last book of The Railway Series, alongside an untitled sequel in post-production.



When an evil diesel lurks in the shadows, Thomas and the rest of the Steam Team have to come to the rescue. Trying his hardest to make sure each engine is being really useful, Sir Topham Hatt leaves Thomas in charge, while taking a holiday. Meanwhile, Diesel 10 plans to take over the Steelworks and threatens the Experimental Engines along the way. With many goods trains and coaches left in halt, engines across Sodor help Thomas in aiding the solution. Alongside the best of his friends, Thomas meets Diesel 10 in a huge confrontation.


Determined to prove his importance, Diesel 10 starts to rise up from the Vicarstown Dieselworks to go against the engines on the Mainland.

With each month passing by, Thomas and his friends work busier than ever. One morning, Sir Topham Hatt announces to the Steam Team, engines of the Sodor China Clay Company, Sonny and Ruth about a holiday that he and Lady Hatt are to attend, leaving Mr. Percival and Dowager Hatt on handling the engines and diesels. While being lauded in helping everyone, Percival assigns James, Percy, Nia and Thomas to take a special to Ulfstead Castle. However, they are unaware of being spied by Den and Dart.

At the Steelworks, Diesel 10, aided by Diesel, Paxton, Sidney and Norman, meet Merlin, Hurricane, Theo, Lexi and Frankie. Taking over emptying slag, arranging trucks and making deliveries, Diesel 10 becomes in charge, as Diesel and Paxton head back to Sodor in hearing what Den and Dart received. Merlin finds a clear track and escapes on it, while Hurricane, Theo, Lexi and Frankie are back-cornered by Sidney and Norman. Finding himself face-to-face with Merlin, Beresford lets him get through in emergency.

Sir Robert Norramby, alongside Stephen, await the arrival of Spencer. Before going to Ulfstead Castle, Thomas senses trouble that's near the Mainland. Although Cranky ignores the engine's warning, Thomas, Percy, Nia and James take their row of trucks to Norramby. Meanwhile, Merlin, not knowing any other engines to help, rushes to Sodor to meet Edward and Henry, who soon explains Diesel 10's attack. At night, returning to the Dieselworks, Diesel plots to threaten the engines by slowing down their time of jobs, which hesitates Philip, but Bulgy is impressed by this, while driving by.

Later in the morning, Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt are soon taken to a summerhouse during their holiday by Hugo. Spencer soon approaches into a station to take good coaches, which gets Gordon irritated by this.

At the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 devises a new plan to take over the railways, including Thomas' branch line. He fetches Den, Dart, Diesel and Paxton to investigate Thomas.

Not thinking things though, Thomas immediately rushes to the steelworks without telling his friends. With the diesels in toe, Thomas soon finds himself trapped




UK, AUS and NZ

US and CAN


  • There's a Job for Everyone
  • Really Useful Engine
  • Night Train



  • This special marks the first appearances of Hugo, Lexi, Theo, Hurricane, Frankie, Timothy, Mavis, Stafford, Donald, Douglas, Charlie, Scruff, Whiff and Merlin since Journey Beyond Sodor, Big World! Big Adventures!, Counting on Nia, The Case of the Missing Parts and Seeing Is Believing.
  • The chase scene's theme is a restored variant of the chase in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • The special is dedicated to the memory of former Thomas & Friends UK narrator Michael Angelis, who passed away in May 2020.
  • Rearrangements of Thomas, Edward, Gordon and Percy's themes from Series 1 and 8 are heard.
  • Hurricane and Frankie are fully redeemed after the Experimental Engines help them in Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • Glynn, Ryan, Vinnie, Hugo, Skiff, Judy and Jerome were all considered to appear, but were moved up towards the special's sequel.
  • The special features Rachael Miller and John Hasler as Belle and Flynn; Miller previously voiced Belle in Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes, while Hasler as Flynn was a reference to Ben Small voicing the character in Series 17.


  • In the UK dub, Kevin has his US voice actor, Kerry Shale.
  • In the US dub, Stanley and Norman switch voices.


Rotten Tomatoes holds an average score of 78%.


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A sequel to Sodor's Ultimate Railway Showdown, entitled Strike of the Bandits, is currently in development.

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