A humanized story of the T&F characters and their lives in high school. WARNING: Some mature stuff mentioned.

NOTE FROM LONEDRIFTER: Because this story has gone to far off what I had originally planned. I am undoing all alterations after me. If you would like to add to this story, you MUST clear with me, or it WILL be deleted.

Chapter 1

Thomas slowly pulled his himself out of his bed, the summer holidays had ended and now it was back to school, or to him, prison.

"Thomas!" called a voice, it was his father. "Get dressed and come down for breakfast."

He walked over to wardrobe and pulled out a black t-shirt, a blue hooded jacket, with a yellow number One on the back, and a pair of light grey and red track suit bottoms. He got dressed into his clothes and grabbed his blue trainers with the grey laces. Soon he was fully dressed and made it out of his "messy" room, into the corridoor. He chose to ignore the fact that his black hair was in a complete mess.

He sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen, his mum lay down a plate of toast at the table beside his dad who was reading the newspaper. His younger twin sisters, Annie and Clarabel were already there.

"Toast and tea is on the table Thomas," said his mother kindly.

"Thanks mum," said Thomas as he grabbed the plate and mug. Quickly, he drank the tea and ran off with the toast in hand.

"Where are you going?" asked his dad.

"To the bus stop, I'm meeting Percy there." said as he grabbed his school bag. pulling the strap over his left shoulder, and above his right so that it ran across his chest diagonally, before running out the door.

"Bye Thomas!" shouted his sisters.

"Bye!" As the slammed shut.

Thomas ran down the road towards the bus, a boy wearing a green hoodie with a yellow six on the front, green trousers and trainers stood with a back pack.

"Hi Thomas." said Percy cheerfully.

"Hey Percy," replied Thomas. Percy had been his best friend for as long as he could remember.

"You ready for this?" asked Percy.

"Since when am I ever ready for prison?" replied Thomas.

"Good point." They both laughed at the joke as the bus pulled up. It was a red bus, the driver always made sure that it was working and was a good friend of the boys. Both of them got on board.

"Hi Bertie," they said.

"Hello you two, looking forward to going back to school."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't." said Thomas, as he and Percy sat down.

Soon, they were at school. Thomas and Percy said bye to Bertie and went off. They walked towards the entrance, where two boys sitting on the bench, one was wearing a blue shirt with a yellow two on the front, the other was wearing a dark brown jacket and a brown shirt with a yellow seven on the front, grey trousers and black trainers.

"Hi Edward, Hi Toby," said Percy.

"Hi you two," said Toby.

"You guys got your timestable?" asked Edward.


"Then lets get them," suggested Toby.

"Hey there's Gordon and Henry," said Thomas. Walking towards them were two boys. One had blonde hair was wearing a white t-shirt under a denim blue sleeveless jacket with a small yellow four on the left, blue jeans and grey boots, the other had black hair a green jacket with a yellow three, green trousers and trainers

"Hey guys" said Henry, everyone replied.

"Come on, I want to find out when I'm doing sports," said Gordon

"Shouldn't we wait until James and Emily show up," said Percy.

"Where are they anyway?" asked Thomas.

"Most likely behind the school making out a again," replied Gordon, "You know those two can't keep their hands off each other."

Everyone laughed.

"Come on, lets get our timestables," suggested Edward, "We'll find them latter."

Soon, they were waiting in line for their timetables outside the office. There they saw a boy with black hair with red streaks through it, wearing a red jacket with a yellow five, black trousers and boots. he was holding hands with a girl who had black hair, wearing a green shirt and a black skirt, black tights and heels. The guys smiled at the schools most romantic couple James and Emily. They had been together for as long as anyone could remember and held the record for longest couple.

After a while, everyone had their timestables and was discussing their lessons.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" yelled Gordon, clearly happy, "Triple sports first thing today."

"I've got double science, first," said Emily, "Then drama."

"I'm sitting next to you in science, babe," said James, flirtaously.

"Me and Thomas have science first as well," said Percy, before sighing at what was next "Then I have math."

"Percy, if you need help, I can help," suggested Toby.

"Thanks, Toby."

Suddenly, the Head teacher, Sir Topham Hat, nicknamed The Fat Controller by the students for obvious size. However, he was highly respected by most of the students, because he was a firm but fair head.

"Ah Thomas, I've been looking for you," said STH.

"Yes, sir?"

"We have a new student joining us today, I would like you come to my office to show her around because you share the same timetable for most of the lessons."

"Yes, sir."

TFC then walked away. Everyone then focused on Thomas.

"So Thomas, do you want to know all of the romantic spots?" asked Emily.

"What?" asked a shocked Thomas, "I'm just to show her around, not date her."

"Yeah, Rosie is already chasing him," said Gordon, everyone laughed expect Thomas, who was now bright red.

Not wanting to listen to the other jokes, Thomas quickly left for the heads office. As he neared, he saw someone he didn't want to see. Ahead was a girl with red hair and freckles, wearing a pink dress. She ran up to him.

"Hi, thomas," said Rosie.

"Uhh...Hi...Rosie," said Thomas.

"Thomas, I was wondering if..."

"Rosie, sorry but I don't want to date, I keep telling you that."

"Oh, ok," said Rosie sadly, and she walked off.

Thomas felt sorry for Rosie, he liked her as a friend, but she wanted to be somthing more, and she wasn't his type. He walked towards the office door and knocked.

"Come in," came a voice from the other side.

Thomas entered to see the Fat Controller sitting at his desk, he was on the phone. Soon, he hung up.

"Ah, Thomas. Unfortunately, the new student is running late, so you head to your next lesson, and I'll send her there when she arrives."


He turned around and made his way to science. Soon he was at his class, before he could sit beside Percy. The teacher told him to sit on a desk by himself, much his annoyance, while Rosie was told to sit next to Percy. The rest of the lesson was worst, he couldn't be bothered to pay attention. He looked around to see James and Emily quietly flirting. In front of them was Percy and Rosie, both were as bored as him.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, the teacher stopped talking and everyone stared at the door. It opened to reveal the Head teacher everyone groaned and returned to their boredom.

"Sorry to disturb your lesson, but you have a new student, here she is." He said, Thomas looked at the student he was to so around. His mouth dropped.

The girl had long blonde hair with a purple hair band, a purple vest shirt, tight black trousers and black leather boots. A black backpack hanging off her left shoulder. Everyone focused on the new girl, especially the boys.

"Everyone, this is Lady," said STH.

"Nice to meet you Lady," said the Teacher, " Take a seat next to Thomas."

Thomas' eyes widened, Lady was completely amazing. He watched as she walked around the class to sit next to him. He ignored the death glares from the other boys, and the rage visible on Rosie's face. Lady reached into her school bag and took out her books for work. James and Percy began talking.

"Hey Percy," said James.


"How much do you want to bet that Thomas has got a stiffy?"

Both of them quietly laughed, while Rosie continued to glare. Thomas struggled to take his eyes away, Lady was beautiful, like an angel.

"This is gonna be an interesting year." he thought.

Chapter 2

It had been an interesting lesson for Thomas, half of the time he had been doodling in his workbook, and the other half he had been watching Lady. She hadn't said a word to him, because unlike him, she had been busy taking notes.

"She must be smart," thought Thomas, adding a second thing to his list of the great things about her.

Suddenly, the school bell rang and everyone began packing up their stuff, trying to quickly escape. Thomas decided he would try to speak.


"Yes," she replied, not only did she look like an angel, she had the voice of an angel. Point three for his list.

"Uh...what is your next jobs to show you round the school."

"I have math next."

"So do I, I'll so to class."

"Thank you, what's your name again?"

"It's Thomas."

"Well, nice to meet you Thomas," said Lady with a smile, a forth point for his list.

"Let's go then,"

Both of them walked out of the class, unaware that they had been watched by Percy, James, Emily ,and a very angry Rosie.

"Looks like Thomas is trying to get together with the new girl," said James, based on his observation. Rosie just boiled with anger.

Math was just as dull as science, with the teacher going on about what they were expected to do. Instead of sitting next to Percy or Lady, Thomas was sitting by himself. He didn't like being without his best friend as if he felt nervous and scared a bit without his good friend. But he could go through it on his own. But at least Edward was in this class with him.

He felt much better with his calm and smart friend to help him and he looked up to him if he needed help with the stress.

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