Sodor's Last Stand is a upcoming Movie airing around 2023.


Thanks to Diesel 10 and the other Diesels, Sodor is having lots of flaws like Accidents, Engines being late and more giving the diesels the chance to rule the railway. Thomas knows that Sodor Could come to a end so he decides to save Sodor with his Friends, as well for Thomas' class, led by Calvin, to help him bring back the Ghost Engine of the Island of Sodor to help their winning, Timothy, Knowing they may never run on tracks again!

Can Sodor Steamies win or will Diesel 10 take over? Find out soon!


Introducing Characters

  • Calvin
  • Eddy
  • Wilfred
  • Bob
  • Geoffery
  • Lucy
  • Timothy (Thomas' Brother)
  • Penny (Rosie's Sister)
  • Locke (Toby's father)
  • Justice (Diesel's brother)

Bonus Features

  • Behind the steam - Sodor's Last Stand


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