Splatter and Dodge (also known as Splodge by Diesel 10) are two diesels who work at Barrow Scrapyards on Sodor.


Splatter and Dodge were built in 1953, and worked at a fuel depot in the UK until it shut down in 1977. They were due to be sold for scrap, but then a man called Albert Mollingham bought them for £96.10.

For years they had been working as private engines along with Diesel 10, who started to call them 'Splodge' ("I ain't got time to say both names!" he claimed) until 1999, when Albert sold them to Sir Stephen Topham Hatt III to repair the partnership between the NWR and 'MOLLINGHAM FUELS'.

In 1999, Diesel 10 wanted to rid the railway of steam engines by finding the lost engine--he was asked to by his master--and the two brothers were complacent with his plans, regularly keeping a lookout for their boss and being present when he was scheming. As time went on Splatter and Dodge spent their time mocking their boss and pointing out the flaws in Diesel 10's scheme causing Diesel 10 to lose his temper and cause trouble during his temper problems.

The two eventually grew tired of Diesel 10 and when he tried to chase down Lady and Thomas, they refused to follow him and told him to do his own dirty work. When Diesel 10 was hanging in the air, Splatter oiled by to run over his claw, causing Diesel 10 to fly down to Warrior's barge.

Sir Topham Hatt III sent Diesel 10 away, but kept Splatter and Dodge for their hardworking. In 2005, they were against the steam engines until the meeting at the coal depot.

In 2019, they were interviewed by BBC News to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their time on Sodor.


They were as devious as Diesel 10, but soon they rialled against him, so they became more honest.


Splatter and Dodge are based on a BR Class 08 shunter, the most produced of the BR diesels. Almost 1,000 were made. Diesel, Arry, Bert, Paxton, Sidney, The Black Class 08s and The Red Class 08 all share the same basis.


Tales of the LNWR

Season 1


It is likely that they will have more appearances

Voice Actors

  • George Ignatchenko (Season 1-onwards)
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