Springtime for Diesel is an episode from the twenty-first series.



UK and AUS



  • The title may be a reference to Springtime for Hitler, a fictional musical in Mel Brooks' 1968 film The Producers, his 2001 Broadway Musical adaptation of the original film and Susan Stroman's 2005 remake of the former film.
  • In the Nick Jr. USA broadcast of this episode, it is paired with Unscheduled Stops.
  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • Micaela Winter's first episode as producer of the series.
    • Ian McCue's first episode as "creative executive."
    • Zahara Andrews' first episode as production co-ordinator.
    • The first episode produced by Mattel Creations.
  • This episode marks Arry and Bert's only speaking roles in the twenty-first series and their last speaking roles to date.
  • This episode marks Trevor's only appearance in the twenty-first series (not counting deleted scenes from The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor).
  • A shortened version of the episode, narrated by Joseph May as Thomas, can be found on the official YouTube channel and the Nick Jr. website.
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