Steam Engine is the main antagonist in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody special, The Rise of Steam, by cactus190706 from the YouTube. He also appears in other shorts by the same creator.

Plot (please finish)

The Rise of Steam

Steam Engine arrived at the Tidmouth Sheds to do Edward's job while Edward and Sir Topham Hatt are away. Steam

Engine growls angrily after Thomas and Henry introduced him. They thought that Steam Engine was probubly tired after his long journey. So the engines talked to him later that night. The engines told Steam Engine that he had his brother, Duck, lives here, but Steam Engine thought that was a joke so he told them that he has no brother named

"Duck" and they should leave him alone. The engines felt very sad after Steam Engine said that.

He later visits The Mallard (who was filling in for Sir Topham Hatt) in her shed and tells them all of about their plan about killing the diesels. Soon they found out that Diesel was overhearing them and had to get rid of him tommarow.  Steam Engine then met Duck (who he still refers to as Montague) and realized that he's the engine everyone's pestering about. He then took Diesel's driver Mr. Kennedy to the hospital when Diesel had derailed He broke poor Emily who becomes her master. Later Steam Engine put a flatbed on the viaduct which caused the two diesels to derail, because he is the diesel hunter who hates diesels and The Mallard was blamed for it which caused her to say that she will not be able to trust him again and he said that he was her master and that he broke her in the National Railway Museum. He and Wickem planned to escape when Wickem planted bombs around Sodor however, the bombs was disconected and Wickem drived him away leaving The Mallard with no driver and he derailed Thomas and tried to break him however, Spencer arrived and Steam Engine tried to push him out of the way with no success and Wickem escaped. He was seen at Knapford when everyone was informed about Wickem's death and Sir Nigel Gresley said that the railway board want him scrapped and an engine will take him there and when the engine arrived then he said that he will always be The Mallard's master.

How the Diesel's Stole Christmas

At the station outside Barrow in Furness, Steam Engine is still alive, but his face is covered so he is pretending Noob.  He met up with D199 again and he has been for quite a while. Noob (Steam Engine) told D199 that he and Steam Engine (Noob) may be similer, but both of them are completed diffrent. Steam Engine thinks that he hated D199's kind, but not Noob, beacuse Noob likes diesels. D199 asks Steam Engine why his face is covered, because he is disfugerd. Noob (Steam Engine) told D199 that he is involved in an accident many years ago. No one fix his face again. He cover it in shane. Two of of his friends lives around in this place and tells D199 not to come in his shed. Maybe they run to each other, and then Noob (Steam Engine) calls D199 "Spamcan", and he laughs evily and puffs away from D199. He soon arrives back to his shed where Hank is passing he biffs Hank off the track were waiting for him. Peggy told Noob (Steam Engine) that Banga is talking about how ugly Steam Engine is. This made Noob (Steam Engine) very angry! He tells Banga and Peggy that they need revenge on the Sodor engines. Banga thinks that he, Peggy and Noob (Steam Engine) are noobs. Noob (Steam Engine) aggres with him. Meanwhile, back at Noob's shed, Noob (Steam Engine) heard that happens about Sandy Claus where Diesel thinks that Sandy is mad engine, but he isn't mad, because he is friendly. Banga thinks that Sandy Claus is from the North Pole and Santa Claus's engine. Noob (Steam Engine) crossly scolds Banga that Sandy Claus is not from the North Pole and Santa Claus's engine, because there's no Santa Claus. Noob (Steam Engine) hated Christmas, beacuse he is evil engine! Banga and Peggy are so excited to see Sandy Claus tommorrw and Banga thinks that Sandy Claus is Santa Claus's engine, but Noob (Steam Engine) furiously yells at Banga again! He has a ranged that Sandy Claus is going to stay here until they find the museum for him. But Sandy Claus should not go to the museum. The next morning on Christmas Eve, Noob (Steam Engine) is talking to D199 until the Flying Scottsman race passed them and saved Sandy Claus. Noob (Steam Engine) tells the manager that Banga and Peggy went to see Sandy Claus to take him to the museum. A few hours later, Banga and Peggy arrived back to Noob's shed to show Noob (Steam Engine) that Banga was Sandy Claus. Noob (Steam Engine) saw Banga's face and he staired at him and he knew it was Banga. He asks Peggy where Sandy Claus is, but Peggy said that Diesel and Daisy took Sandy away. Noob (Steam Engine) felt very angry and he growls.

The Christmas That May Never Come

At Noob's sheds, he tells Marcus that the things were going well. He told him that he and Marcus had to go to the Island of Sodor on December 21st and they will ruined the Sodor. Meanwhile, Noob (Steam Engine) refused to answer the question after the man asks him. Late that night, Noob (Steam Engine) is pulling the goods train and he stopped for the red signal and next to him is an old engine named Old Smokey. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Old Smokey that he's still here. Old Smokey is not very happy to see him, he is very angry. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Old Smokey that he is Noob the good engine. Old Smokey furiously stares at Noob (Steam Engine) and he's gonna know Steam Engine is still alive. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Old Smokey that something left him is his boiler and make Old Somkey scared. Then the signal went up and the light turn green and Noob (Steam Engine) puffed away from Old Smokey to go to sleep in the sheds with Banga and Peggy. The next morning, Noob (Steam Engine) met up with Oliver who asks him why his face covered. He told him that he's envolved in the horrible accident from 73 years ago and his face is beyond repair so he hide in the shane. No one can fix his face. He asks Oliver his he's from the Island of Sodor and of course he does. Oliver then tells Noob (Steam Engine) that his brother works in the Island of Sodor named Duck. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Oliver that he doesn't have a brother called Duck. Oliver then told Noob (Steam Engine) that Duck had a real name, but he can't remember Duck's real name and Noob (Steam Engine) then tells Oliver he will see him tomorrow. The next morning, Noob (Steam Engine) saw Duck arrived instead of Oliver and he is very angry to see him and he called Duck " Mountage". He also told Duck that he is envolved in the accident from 15 years ago. He tells Duck that his driver and fireman missed it. Duck thinks Noob (Steam Engine) told Oliver that he heard the accident from 70 years ago.  Unfortunately he did not, because Oliver must have to missed heard things. Then Duck chuffs away to go back to the Island of Sodor just as Banga arrived. He gasped and shocked when he see Duck. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Banga that Duck is an evil engine from the Powerland Universe. He tells Banga that Duck would come and look for him. Banga told Noob (Steam Engine) that Duck didn't find him. Then Noob (Steam Engine) tells Banga that it is his brother, Duck, (formerly Mountage) and he's from the Island of Sodor. Banga begin to feel scared, because he knew the Island of Sodor can be scary.  Then Banga asks Noob (Steam Engine) if he wrote his Christmas list for Santa Claus. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Banga that engines do not have hands. He told him that Duck visit the sheds after Banga left this morning. Then Noob (Steam Engine) had his evil plan to go to the Island of Sodor in the December 21st. The next morning, after Noob (Steam Engine) came to the station first, Oliver arrived. Oliver crossly asks Noob (Steam Engine) why he told him about what happend to him that he had an accident from 70 years ago and told Duck about what happend to him from 15 years ago. Then Noob (Steam Engine) begin to cry, because no one can fix his face, so he decided to told Oliver all about what happend to to his face from 15 years ago and he want to come to the Island of Sodor. Then Oliver chuffed away to go back to the Island of Sodor to tell Sir Topham Hatt. As Oliver puffed away, Noob (Steam Engine) stops crying and he laughs evily because he may go to the Island of Sodor to uncover his face and he might not be Noob again, because he will be Steam Engine. That night at Noob's sheds, he and Marcus planned to get rid of Sir Topham Hatt since Bernard Jenkins could not fire him since he was fired. Noob (Steam Engine) then told Marcus that Oliver came to talk to him this morning and then he chuffs to the Island of Sodor to asks Sir Topham Hatt if Noob (Steam Engine) can come and Sir Topham Hatt says yes. He told Marcus they will not go to the Sodor until December 21st and at night, the Sodor will end forever. Marcus brought Noob (Steam Engine) a new driver and fireman and he also told him that he hadn't seeing Sir Topham Hatt in years. The days past, and Oliver came to see Noob (Steam Engine) he's welcome to come to the Island of Sodor in December 21st. It is the December 21st, and Noob (Steam Engine) is preparing to go to the Island of Sodor. Banga asks Noob (Steam Engine) if he can go with him. Noob (Steam Engine) tells Banga that he may go all by himself. Peggy told Banga to stay with her. Banga begin to feel nervous, he begs Noob (Steam Engine) to be okay, because the Island of Sodor can be scary. Then Noob (Steam Engine) steamed off to the Island of Sodor. At last, Noob (Steam Engine) arrived on the Island of Sodor. He called his driver and fireman to remove the mask, so his driver and fireman did. Now he's not Noob anymore because he had revealed he is Steam Engine! He is back from the dead! He steamed off to the Tidmonth Sheds. He passes the house, cross the bridge next to the watermill, up the hills and he even passed the Tidmonth Station! Everyone saw Steam Engine is alive! He stops at the Knaford Sheds and Emily, Murdoch, Spencer and Salty are scared to see him back from the dead! Steam Engine is happy when he sees Emily. Spencer thinks Steam Engine is supposed to be dead, but Steam Engine tells Spencer he's not dead, because he's very much alive. He then tells Spencer, Murdoch and Salty they had to go to the sunfire tonight, but not Emily, because he may kidnapped her and turn her evil again tonight and he left with his evil laugh. He finally arrived at the Tidmonth Sheds where Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Flying Scottsman and Sir Topham Hatt were waiting. They were scared to see him back from the dead. Duck thinks Steam Engine is scrapped, but he's not. Oliver asks Steam Engine where Noob is, but Steam Engine angrily tells Oliver that he's Noob. Sir Topham Hatt demands Steam Engine to get off of his railway, but Steam Engine refused to do that. Oliver crossly stares at Steam Engine and tells him that he tricked him. Steam Engine gives an evil smile to Oliver. The Flying Scottsman demands Steam Engine not to hurt any of them. Steam Engine tells the Flying Scottsman not to underrestrate him, because he had his driver and fireman in his cab. He even tells Sir Topham Hatt that someone is from his past. He later begins his story about what happened to him last year after he ruined the Sodor. Steam Engine tells the other engines that from the past last year, his friend Peggy took him to the steelworks to melted down, but they suddenly stopped and then he looked on the other track is the real Noob. He asks Steam Engine what happend. Steam Engine tells Noob that he needs his help because he's taken to the steelworks to melted down by Peggy. Noob felt sorry for Steam Engine and he asks him what he can do for help. Then Steam Engine tells Noob that both of them are going to swap places, because Steam Engine is gonna become Noob and Noob is gonna become Steam Engine. Noob begin to feel scared, he begs Noob not to do that, but Steam Engine has no choice, because he need to be alive more then Noob. Noob begs "Please, Potty Woggle!" to Steam Engine which makes him mad. He sends Noob to go in the steelworks and he needs to be dead. And poor Noob went into the steelworks and melted down. All the people can see Steam Engine's face and would know he's Steam Engine, so they decieded to make up for the accident and his face is covered. All the engines are very sad. They knew Steam Engine killed Noob, because Steam Engine is here and Noob is dead. Soon, Sir Topham Hatt's phone rang and it is Marcus. Then Steam Engine chuffs off to the Vicarstown Sheds. He soon arrived at the Vicarstown Sheds and he called out to Marcus that he already arrived. He soon watches Sir Topham Hatt trying to rescue Lady Hatt inside the Vicarstown Sheds. Later on, Marcus and his thugs took Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt inside Steam Engine's cab and Steam Engine is kidnapping Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt and Toby! It is 11:56, and Steam Engine and Marcus took Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt and Toby to the mainline of the Vicarstown and they have Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt tied up onto Steam Engine's track. Steam Engine angrily tells Sir Topham Hatt it is 21st of December and the Sodor will be end forever and there will be the death of Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt and all the Sodor engines will be left to desred, depressed forever and the death will end the Island of Sodor forever and the engines will not stop him and the North Western Railway will be closed. Marcus told Steam Engine it is only 4 minutes until midnight and he went inside Steam Engine's cab and he and Steam Engine are ready to kill poor Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt! The Flying Scottsman arrived with Sir Topham Hatt's and Lady Hatt's son Richard Hatt and he ran as fast as he could and he switch the points and crossly yells at Steam Engine to leave his parents alone. Steam Engine went in the back of Scoot the wrong track and he tries to tell Marcus to brake him, but the brakes weren't working and the rails are too slippy and Steam Engine is going too fast and he steps onto the cliff and Marcus fall out of Steam Engine's cab and he splats onto the ground. Steam Engine is hanging onto the cliff and he started to fall down and before 12:00 comes, Steam Engine falls down, he screams really loud and he landed on Marcus and then he exploded and that's the end of Steam Engine. Later, everyone was informed about Steam Engine's death even the Mallard who was surprised that he had been alive all the time.

The Great Gathering

The Dark World

It's a Wonderful Life

He was mentioned by Thomas


  • Death: June 21, 2019 (aged 34)
  • Goal: Destroy Sodor entirely, and wipe out all Diesels. Rule over what is left of Sodor.
  • Appearance: Darker green western engine with 6 black wheels,

black funnel, red chassis, black buffers, grey face with dark grey scars

  • Affiliations: Evil, Insane, Mad, Devious, Mean, Wicked, Serious 
  • Allies: Banga (formerly), Peggy (formerly), Noob (formerly), Mallard (formerly), Bittern (formerly), Emily (briefly), Wickem (formerly), Marcus,(briefly)The Great Witch Engine, Diesel 11 (briefly), Alfred the Loaned B12, , Diesel
  • Enemies: Thomas, Edward,
Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, 

Emily, Murdoch, Stepney, Bill, Ben, BoCo, Bear, Mavis, Diesel, Arry, Bert, Daisy, D261 (Bowler), D199, (Spamcan), Old Stuck-Up, Flying Scottsman, Cranky, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Duke, Freddie, Salty, Spencer, Tuck, Barney, Tornado, Mallard, Sir Nigel Gresely,

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