Sixteenth part in Steamies vs Diesels series.

Diesel: Sir we should wait until Weapon Z is prepared, before we send it out to destroy.

D10: Alright.

[Steamie Frontline]

Mavis sat next to Salty, She had decided to tell him how she felt right there and then. It was early morning and everyone was ready for an attack.

Mavis: Salty can we talk?

Salty: Sure Mavis.

Mavis: Well Salty I love you.

Salty was surprised at this.

Salty: Do you mean that Mavis?

Mavis: Yes I love you with all my heart.

Then Salty grabed Mavis and gave her a long kiss.

Mavis: <Kisses back> Thank you Salty you have just made me verry happy.

Toby: Well, I see you two are in a relationship.

Mavis: Yes.

Toby: Its ironic, Sodor is at civil war and a few of us have found love. Rosie and Percy, James and Emily, Me and Flora, Molly and Mays, Daisy and Boco, Pip and Oliver, Emma and Duck, hell Thomas and Lady just got married.

Salty: Aye Toby.

Later Thomas was going over there next plan of attack with the Commanders.

Thomas: So our assualt to push the Diesels back was successful.

James: Thats a kick up the backside for the Diesels.

Thomas: Now we need to focus on breaking the frontline and moving deeper into Diesel territory.

Mays: Well, whos the Commander in charge of this assualt. Cause I'm not doing it, I've got a date with Molly.

Thomas: Well, I've decided to give this job to an experienced Commander who has agreed to help us, meet Stokes.

Stokes: Hello, as Thomas said, my names is Stokes, I served in the Royal Army back in WW2, and I have come to help you in this war.

Mays: Nice to meet you, Comander Mays is my name, one of the four archers in this resitance.

Stokes: An archer?! Sorry, but I didn't think that archers should be used in times of war, they were replaced with snipers. However, desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.

Mays: Ok.

Stokes: Sorry for being mean but in my experiences, archers have only been useful using crossbows and there weren't many times for them to be useful.

Mays just nodded.

Mays: In this resitance Archers are just as important as Snipers.

Stokes: Is that so.

Mays: Yes it is so.

Thomas: Anyway, Stokes will be leading the assualt on the Diesels Frontline.

James: Argh, I wanted to lead the assualt.

Emily: Don't worry James, me and you can have some fun tonight.

Stokes: Is this really the time?

Gordon: Save your breath, they won't listen.

Later Mays was getting ready for his date.

Mays: I hope this date goes well, and when this war is over, I'll ask her to marry me. Theres too much to think about now that this war is on the verge of getting outta hand and we might lose if we worry about another wedding.

Then there was a knock on his door, he opened it.

Molly: Are you ready Mays?

Mays: Yes lets go.

The next day, the Steam Engines were preparing for the assault.

Stokes: Everything is going well.

Then he looked over and saw Mays talking to Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta, Stokes walked over.

Stokes: Are they the other Archers you were talking about?

Mays: Yes.

Annie: Who's he Mays?

Mays: Stokes you may be the commander for this assault, but I am the main Commander for this resistence.

Stokes: Thomas was telling me about you and incase you forgot, there is no main Commander, because we both have the same rank, we follow Thomas' orders, you are like every other Commander, you have to deal with it. You are not the main Commander because there is no main Commander. Your too cocky so pull your head out of the clouds and wake up, this is a war, not a game. So stop trying to be a glory hound.

Mays just growled as Stokes walked away.

Mays: What does he know?

Soon they were all ready to push on with the assault. Stokes was carrying his modified assualt rifle and was about to talk to the troops.

Stokes: Ok, before I talk about the battle plan, if your thinking just because I'm an experienced Commander we will win, your wrong. People die on both sides, not just the one. Also, our plans can still backfire, no matter how much you plan them.

[Diesel HQ]

Diesel: Lord 10, Weapon Z AKA Annihilator is ready.

D10: Excellent, send it and the 000 Legion to the frontline.

Diesel: It'll be done my Lord.

[Steam Frontline]

Stokes: Get ready cause here we go.

Meanwhile Mays was talking Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta.

Mays: Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta, Stokes does not think we are needed, well lets prove him wrong.

Annie: Alright, we do not take kindly to people who judge us archers.

Stokes: Come on you four, I need everyone who can fight in this assualt.

Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta left to fight, forgetting to be angry, while Mays was still cross.

Mays: Time to show him I am not a glory hound.

The Steam Engines comenced their attack against the Diesels, this was going to be difficult as the Diesels were heavily armed and had reinforcements on the way. Mays took down a Diesel with his bow and arrow, but his mind was occupied with what Stokes said.

Mays: I'm not a glory hound. I'm not a glory hound. Am I?

The steamies were gaining ground slowly, but they were unaware that the 000 Legion was heading their way. Soon they were half-way into the Diesel Frontline.

Stokes: Keep it up, we're nearly there.

However, severel jets flew over and bombed the Steamies, then the troops of the legion parachuted down.


Stokes and Mays looked in horror as they saw the legion and Weapon Z tear through their forces.

Stokes: Everyone fall back.

Everyone did with the legion and Weapon Z hot on their tails. Suddenly, Mays tripped, fell and dropped his bow, and Arrows, not to metion he hurt his leg in the proscess, it wasn't long until Weapon Z was walking up to him. Mays was terrified, was this the end of him? After everything, he was going to die. Weapon Z aimed its machine gun at him, he closed eyes, he heard gunshots. But he felt nothing, had it missed? He opened his eyes and saw Stokes shooting at Weapon Z, he then grabbed Mays and began to drag him back to the Steam Engines frontline.

Mays: Why are you doing this?

Stokes: A good soldier never leaves a man behind.

Weapon Z was still following them, Stokes stopped and fired at it again. It charged and knocked him away with its arm. The force of the hit caused Stokes to drop his rifle near Mays. Mays looked and saw Weapon Z unleash its blade. Then all of a sudden, Stokes jumped onto the back of Weapon Z. It swung its arms around trying to grab him as he swung about on its back.


Suddenly, Weapon Z grabbed him, took him infront of it and it stabbed him through the chest. Mays gasped, then it threw Stokes body away. Mays grabbed Stokes' gun and fired it at Weapon Z. The bullets penertrated the helmet. The damage it suffered was immence and was forced to withdraw. After it was gone Mays, went up to Stokes to see he was alive. Barely.

Stokes: Save yourself. Leave me.

Mays: A good soldier never leaves a man behind.

Stokes: Forget it kid. I won't make it. Keep my gun, you'll need more than me.

Mays: But...

Stokes: Go now, go, g...

Mays looked in horror. Stokes was dead. He got up and caried Stokes body back to the Steam Engines side of the frontline. Later, there was a funeral for Stokes with everyone of the Commanders was there.

Mays: I want the head of Weapon Z handed to me on a plater.

Annie: And how do you intend to do that?

Mays: Simple, Thomas will be able to pull its head off.

Thomas: Since when do I have to do the dangerous stunts?

Mays: Since you got the battle suit.

Thomas: Good point.

Mays: Besides I have a plan, when we next see Weapon Z I will distract it while you go for the head.

Thomas: Fine, but first we will have to launch another attack.

Clarabel: Mays i think you might want to have your leg looked over by Victor cause there is blood coming from your leg.

They looked and saw the blood, it was this moment he started to feel a sharp pain.

Thomas: Clarabel is right you shoud go to Victor.

Mays: Fine.

Later Percy and Rsoie were on a date.

To Be Continued.

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