Alternate ending to Steamies Vs Diesels. In this one, its the Diesels (bad guys) that win.

Diesel 10 activated his blade and jumped at Thomas. Thomas saw this and he activate his blade. Both of them pointed their blades at the other. Diesel 10 landed and a large stabbing sound could be heard. Everyone was holding their breath. Who had made the killing blow? Suddenly, Diesel 10 was beginning to stand, he raised his right arm to lift up Thomas, who was impaled on his blade. Thomas slowly turned his head to face Lady, and reached out to her with his left arm.

Suddenly, D10 turned around and flung Thomas into the centre of the courtyard, and watched him die. He turned his gaze to the rebels inside the plane.

D10: Who wants to die first?

Den, Dart, Sidney{diesel}, Norman and Paxton charged at D10 as everyone else scrambled into a truck. D10 stabbed Den, slit Darts throat, cut off Sidney's head , broke Norman's nose and slashed Paxton's chest.

D10: See what happens to traitors, whos next?

The trucks roared into life and drove out the back of the plane, and joined the retreating steam forces. The diesels continued to destroy as many of the retreating steamies as possible. Diesel 10 ordered his units to stop as the rest disappeared.

Diesel: My Lord, we should destroy them while they are weak.

D10: Calm yourself, Diesel. They are exhausted, strengthen our forces, cause its now our turn. Then my Empire will be born.

The Convoy of retreating Steamies was clearing out of Diesel territory quickly, Lady looked at the small crying baby boy wrapped up in a cloth in her arms, tears forming in her eyes. She brought it into her chest and began crying.

Everyone, in the truck looked at Lady and their saddness grew, they had come so close to ending the war, and they had lost, all of their work had been for nothing.

[A week Later]

Things hadn't improved for the Steam Engines, right after the retreat the diesels attacked the frontline, causing them to retreat instantly. The four leaders were put back in charge, but since so much had happened, they had four advisors to help them. The Fat Controler had chosen Edward, The Thin Controler had chosen Skarloey, The Small Controler had picked Rex and The Manager had picked Culdee.

At the frontline, Salty, Fred, Smudger, Old Slow Coach, 98462, 87546, Byron, Monty, Max, Murdoch, Angus and George were discussing the situation.

George: So what are we gonna do now? We lost our most powerful weapon to the Diesels.

Angus: I'm surprised you didn't side with them.

Murdoch: Everyone stop arguing. If the Diesels attack then we need to stop them.

Byron: Easier said than fucking done.

Fred: We have to try, for Thomas at least.

Everyone thought of the Hero of the Resistance, before he fell to D10.

S-Trooper: INCOMING!

Everyone scrambled to their posistions, and opened fire against the attacking Diesels. Bombers flew overhead and bombed their front, while tanks and artillary pounded from the ground.

Salty: Arh we can't stay here, m'harty

Murdoch: We have to hold the line.

Suddenly, something dropped out of the sky and began killing the troops. To everyone's horror, it was Diesel 10.

Max: Its D10!

Smudger: Kill him!

Smudger, Monty, 98462, 87546, Angus and Old Slow Coach charged at D10, their guns blazing.

Murdoch: Wait! You'll die!

But it was too late. D10 countered their attack and stabbed Smudger, cut off both 98462 and 87546 heads in a single swipe, and cut Monty's hips off. Angus and Old Slow Coach saw their mistake and tried to escape. Old Slow Coach was too slow, D10 slammed her into the side of the trench and shot her in the heart. Angus kept running back to safety, D10 had finished off Old Slow Coach and aimed his gun at Angus, he fired a single bullet, which shot straight through his head, Killing him.

Salty: Now we really need to go.

Murdoch hated to admit it, but Salty was right.

Murdoch: RETREAT!

Everyone fled the trenches to get away, while being pursed by the Diesels. The commanders retreated back to their truck as D10 closed on them, he fired his gun and killed George, Salty stopped and fired at D10 as the Commanders fled. D10 charged at Salty and impaled him on his blade.


The retreating Steamies returned to Knapford, Mavis was there to greet them.

Mavis: Where's Salty?

Murdoch: I'm sorry, Mavis, D10...he...

Mavis gasped, she turned around and ran away crying. Emily saw her and stopped her.

Emily: Mavis, what's wrong?

Mavis: Salty's dead.

Emily: I'm so sorry Mavis. I'll take you to Lady.

The pair went to Lady's room, and knocked on the door. Lady opened the door, she looked different. Her eyes were bloodshot and had bags underneath from lack of sleep. Her clothing was scruffy, and face looked rather angry.

Lady: Quiet, Thomas Junior is sleeping.

Mavis: Lady, Salty's been killed.

Mavis began crying.

Lady: I'm sorry to here that, I know the pain.

[One Month Later]

The Steam Engines Resistance continued to lose more and more of the Island to the Diesels.

[Two Months Later]

The Steam Engines were on the brink of defeat, they only had Knapford and several other places under their control and most of them were wounded or dead. The only people who were alive were the four leaders, Percy, Gordan, Flying Scotsman, Mays, Emily, Lady, Molly, Rosie, Culdee, The Pack, Patrick{rail}, Annie, Clarabell, Henrietta, Skarloey, Works, Duke, and several others. James had been captured by Diesels.

Mays: What do we do now? We can't call for help, and I'm to weak to fight.

Gordon: Let's face it, we weren't actually beating the Diesels at all. It was Thomas who was beating them, all we did was prevent them from returning. Now with Thomas dead, and his power armor lost, we have been lucky to hold out his long.

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