This is a humanizied story about a war between the Steam Engines and the Diesels for control of Sodor. NOTE: Other characters will by it is story. WARNING: Contains major swearing and death. Hope you enjoy.

War had consumed The Island of Sodor, as two factions fight for control. The diesels, who were lead by Diesel 10 were fighting to take over sodor and destroy all those who opposed them. However, another group formed to stop them, they were the Steam Engines, who dared to oppose Diesel 10 and his forces. Lead by the four railway controllers, they defended those who were threatend by the diesels. At an old fuel depot, several elite Steamy units were carrying out a sabatage mission against the diesels.

Thomas was crouched behind a wall after a diesel nearly got him.

Thomas: F***ing hell, that was verry close.

Oliver{engine}: What does it take to kill these guys?

Before he got his answer, James roared as he gunned down a diesel.

James: TAKE THAT YOU F***ING B*****D.

Duncan: Theres your answer, have a thick skull and no brain.

Thomas was sick of this and contacted Culdee over a walkie talkie.

Thomas: Culdee, we're going to take a different route, I want your squad of snipers to cover us.

Culdee: Got it.

Thomas: Lets go

Donald: Aye laddie, the sooner, the better.

The Squad ran to find another why to reach the fuel tankers. The cover from Culdees snipers made it alot easier.

Thomas: Alright, Douglas, set the charges so we can go home.

Douglas: Aye Aye, dornt gie yer undies in a twist.

As Douglas set the charges, everyone else was busy trying not to get shot. Unfortunatly James got shot in the torso.

Duncan: Shit. Thomas, James is wounded.

Thomas: Hurray up with the demolishion.

Douglas: Almost dain. thaur, heres th' detonatur. Giving it to Thomas.

Thomas pulled out his walkie talkie.

Thomas: Culdee, we're done here, but James is wounded. Cover us as we fall back.

Culdee: Roger that. I'll contact Harold as you make your way.

Thomas: Alright, Donald, get James out of here. We'll cover you.

As Thomas blew up the fuel tankers, Donald lifted James onto his shoulders and they all dashed to the rally point. At the rally point, the squads regrouped as Harold landed in his modified helicopter with Kevin on board. They got on James first, then got one themselves.

Harold: Hang on chaps, this is going to be rough.

As they set off, Kevin was looking over James.

Patrick:(engine) Will he be okay?

Kevin: James has three bullets in his lower torso, we need to get him back to base.

Everyone sat in silence on the journey back, until Thomas spoke up.

Thomas: I'm worried.

Duncan: About James dying?

Thomas: That, and what Emily will do to us when she sees him.

Everyone shivered with fear, knowing Emily loved James more then anything.

[Diesel HQ]

D10: Your failer to stop those rebels has cost us greatly, commander.

A diesel stood in front of D10, shivering with fear, hoping he would live.

Diesel Commander: M-m-my lord 10, w-w-we...we were taken b-by surpri...

He stopped talking when D10 had grabbed him by the neck with his mechanical arm and claw, choking him.

D10: You have failed me for the last time commander.

D10 tightend his grip, the teeth of his claw were tearing into his former commander. After choking him to death, D10 turned towards Diesel.

D10: What do you have to report?

Diesel: Good news sir, we might have lost some resoures, but we have taken the Cement Works, thanks to D199.

D10: Excellent, what about Project DoomsDay?

Diesel: It is progressing slowly, but there is progress.

D10: Good. Those Steamies won't stand a chance. Muhahahahaha. Now get someone to clean this mess while I clean Pinchy.

Diesel: Right away sir.

[Tidmouth Station-Steam HQ]

Rosie was running to find Emily, Molly and Lady to tell them that Harold was near. Finally, she found them.

Rosie: Girls, they're here. Harold is coming back with the guys and my darling Thomas.

Emily: I can't wait to see my James again. I hope hes alright.

Lady: Lets go meet them.

They all took off towards the enterance.


Harold: Alright chaps, I'm putting us down now. Get ready to get James to Victor(tv series).

James was on a strecher they had found on the helicopter. Soon, Harold landed and Thomas, Culdee, Shane Dooiney and Oliver were carrying James to the Infirmary, with Kevin following behind. Lady, Emily, Molly and Roise could see them atprotching.

Molly: They're coming.

Lady: Wait, whose that on the strecher?

They all looked at who it was.

Roise: Is that...?

Emily: JAMES!

Tears were starting to form in her eyes as she saw them carry James past them. The girls followed them to the Infirmary, where they saw Victor.

Kevin: Victor!

Victor: What is..? Ohh. Get him inside.

They took James inside and put him on a bed and moved him to the operating room.

Victor: Whats the damage?

Kevin: He has three bullets in his lower torso, boss.

Victor: Anything else?

Kevin: Not that I know of.

Victor: Alright. Lady, I'm going to need your help. Everyone else, go.

They all left, Emily, who had broken down in tears, left with the others draging her out. Before leaving, Thomas put a hand on Ladys shoulder and spoke to her.

Thomas: Lady, do what you do best, I know you can do it.

Lady's heart pounded and her face began to blush.

Lady: Thank you Thomas.

Thomas just smiled and left.

[Break Room]

The break room was a place for everyone to relax and talk about their experiences. Duncan was bragging as he spoke of how he 'took down all of the diesels in his way', but no one believed him. Murdoch was talking to Nevil and Edward about their views on the situation. Duke was playing chess with Peter Sam, and Percy and Thomas were in the corner talking.

Percy: Do you think James will be okay?

Thomas: With Lady, Victor and Kevin. He will be okay.

Percy: Yeah, I guess your right.

Soon, Salty came over. Salty, had once served in D10's army, but he quit with Rusty, BoCo, Derek, Frank, Mavis, and several others to help the Steam Engines.

Salty: A-Hoy me hearties, me thinks the Diesels are tight on goods.

Percy: If we had not lost the cement works.

Salty: Aye, harsh truth. Thomas, I think you should have a wash down, look like you've been through hell.

Thomas: I feel like it to. I'll go take a wash down.

As he walked away, Rosie and Molly walked up to him. No, not this again. Thomas thought.

Rosie: Thomas, I was wondering if...?

Thomas: Rosie, I have told you before, I don't want to date.

And he left.

Molly: Rosie, I think it is best you move on from Thomas, he clearly doesn't want to date and have you two ever dated.

Rosie: No, but thats because of the war, when it ends, Thomas and I will be together.

Molly: 'Right.' Anyway come on we need to get ready for our night watch duty.

After Thomas had finished his wash down, he saw Duck run up tp him.

Thomas: Whoa Duck, wheres the fire?

Duck: James is awake. Come on.

They arrived at the infirmary, and saw James sitting up in his bed, with Emily sitting beside him and a small group standing around him.

Gordon: Welcome back to the world of moving parts.

Henry: You gave us a scare.

James: Thanks.

Emily: James. Stop scaring me like this. I love you.

James: And I love you too.

And they kissed.

Thomas: Lets leave them alone.

Everyone agreed and left. Thomas headed outside to think. Thomas had been under alot of pressure as he had been viewed as the Steam Engines best fighter because he had actually fought D10 and survived. Now he was looked up to by almost the whole faction, a 'Hero'.

Voice: Thomas?

Thomas turned round and saw Lady standing behind him.

Thomas: What is it Lady?

Lady: I saw you head here and wanted to check if you were alright.

Thomas: I'm fine, just thinking. You patched up James well.

Lady: It was Victor mostly. What are you thinking about?

Thomas: The war. More specifically, the time I became a 'Hero'. Remember?

Lady: I remember, the time you saved me.


At a prison, the diesels were executing those who refused to follow them i the courtyard, a large crowd had gathered to watch the execution, they were cheering as they waited for it to start. However, the Steam Engines had planned to stop the exacution and free the prisoners.

James: What have you guys got? (Through earpieces)

Gordon: Nothing at my end.

Toby: I see the prisoners, and guards.

Percy: I see the Executer, he's scary.

Bertram: Culdee, is your squad in position?

Culdee: Yes, we are good to go.

Thomas: Wait. I see Diesel 10.

Henry: Where?

Thomas: On the balcony, behind the glass.

Godred: I see him. Lights out.

Thomas: Wait. That glass might be bullet proof, think about it.

James: Guys, they're bringing out the prisoners.

Everything went quiet. Ten prisoners walked out in single file, and were lead on to a stage.

Executer: These who stand before you will be the first to pay with their lifes for their crimes. We have Salty, Frank and BoCo, for treason. Mike, Rex, Bert and Jock for sabotage. Smudger, for Spying. Wilbert, for attempted assasination. Finally, Lady, for anti-diesel protests.

The Executer drew his pistol and pointed at the back of Ladys head.

Thomas: Point your scopes on the Executer, snipers.

Executer: Let this mark the punishment of defiance.


The Executer fell to the ground. Next, guns were going off everywhere and diesels dropped. The diesels were caught completely of guard, but it wasn't long before they were organised and fighting back. Diesel 10 watched in horror, Splatter and Dodge came up to him.

Splatter: Err...Boss, I think we should go.

Dodge: Yeah, Boss.

Diesel 10: Not while she is still alive. I'll have to kill her myself.

And he left.

Thomas, Percy and Gordan freed the prisoners on the stage, and escorted them on the rally point on top of the prison. However, while going through a corridor, an explosion casued the roof to colapse and cut off Thomas and Lady from the rest.

Thomas: Come on, we'll find away around. Here, take this you'll need this.' Handing her a pistol'.

Lady: Err...Okay.

They began searching for a different way to get to the top. Soon they found an eleavator and used it to get to the top. Meanwhile, Lady tried to make conversation.

Lady: So err... I'm Lady, what's your name?

Thomas: Thomas.

Lady: So do you...?

She was interrupted when the eleavator stopped, with the others holding off the diesels as the helicopter landed.

Thomas: Come on.

As they ran, they did not notice Diesel 10 , but soon he pounced on them and knock them onto a catwalk lower down. Lady saw Diesel and Thomas get up and start throwing punches at each other. Thomas pulled Diesel into a headlock. He turned to Lady and shouted at her to go, but he didn't see Diesel 10 draw a knife. Then Diesel 10 stabed him once. Then twice. Then one last time. He threw Thomas to the side and walk slowly up to Lady. Lady was scared. Diesel 10 was coming closer and closer with each step he took. Fortunately, Thomas saw his pistol he gave to Lady, grabbing it, he aimed it at some explosive barrels which Diesel 10 was standing right beside. The explosion threw Diesel 10 off the catwalk, tearing off his right arm. Lady, got up and wen't over to Thomas and help him up. They walked back up the catwalks stair case to the helicopter. The Diesels had fallen back, so they got on without much trouble. While Victor checked Thomas' wounds, Lady Spoke to Thomas.

Lady: Thank you for saving my life.

Thomas: Your welcome.

[Flashback Ends]

Lady: I'll never forget that.

Thomas: Me neither.

Lady:<yawning> I think I'll turn in, night.

Thomas: Goodnight.

As Lady headed for her room she shared with, Rosie, Molly and Emily, (People had to share rooms to save space) she saw Molly and Rosie heading out for nightwatch duty, and Emily told her she would be staying with James all night. Thomas decided he would go to bed as well. However, as he approached his room he heard someone say his name. He turned round and saw Lady.

Lady: Thomas, could you come in here for a minute?

Thomas: Okay.

Thomas could see Lady was nervous about something.

Lady: Thomas, do you like Rosie?

Thomas: What?

Lady: Do you like Rosie?

Thomas: Only as a friend, nothing more. What is this about?

Lady: see...the thing is...I LOVE YOU!

Lady quickly turn her gaze to the floor, she had told Thomas how she felt, his silence made her think he did not return her feelings, she began to cry. Thomas is in a state of shock, but he soon heard Lady crying. Lifting up her face, he looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips.

Thomas: And I love you too, Lady.

Soon they were making out on Lady's bed, which was beginning to lead to something more.

Thomas: Lady, are you sure about this?

Lady: Yes, Thomas. You are the only one I want.

Thomas: Lets do this then.

Meanwhile Molly and Rosie were standing watch, when they saw eyes staring at them from a tree.

Rosie: Who ever you are, show your self.

Molly: And that is a demand.

Voice: if i must.

Then they saw it drop from the trees and when it step into the light of a laturne they had all they saw a balck cloak with a hood.

Voice: Is this the resitance fighting against Diesel 10 and his army?

Molly: Yes, now what is your name.

Mays: My name is Mays expert bowman.

Rosie: what are you doing here?.

She asked as they pointed their guns closser to him. Mays was unfazed

Mays: I came here to help you guys.

Molly: What help could you give to us?.

Mays: I have important info on the Diesels.

Rosie: I will go get Thomas, Molly keep your gun pointed at him to make sure he does not move.

Molly: Can do.

Mays: You won't shoot.

Molly: If you move, i will shoot.

About 15 minnutes later she returned.

Thomas: Rosie told me about what you said and i have to say that you can join us, we need archers anyway.

Mays: Thank you, you wont reget this.

The next day Thomas introduced Mays to the rest of the restance.

Thomas: Guys meet a new member to the restiance. His name is Mays.

Duncan: Pleased to have you on the team.

Mays: Well it is a pleasure to be helping you out.

Gordon felt something was not right with Mays.

Thomas: I am giveing Mays the job of watching over the girls when we are out.

Lady: he is verry strange.

Said Lady the other girls agreed, later the Girls stayed at (HQ) with Mays while the others went out.

Molly: why is your face hidden?

Mays: cant tell ya sorry.

All of a suddent there came a crashing sound as a diesel was in the break Room.

Lady: We have an Intruter.

Mays: Don't worry.

Mays said and left 15 Minnutes later he returned.

Mays: I killed him by an arrow to his heart.

Molly: My god!

Just then the others returned.

Thomas: Seems like Mays is doing his job well just look on the floor.

so they did.

Gordon: Mays did this.

Toby: No blood on the floor eather.

Mays: cause that is a blood sucking arrow.

Percy: What is a.. blood sucking arrow?

Mays: It sucks up the blood of what it goes into, and when i mean it sucks up blood i mean it drains the whole body organs included of blood, best thing the blood wont release until i say so.

He said as he went over and yanked the arrow out of the dead diesel.

Henry: i am impressed.

later Mays was eating when Molly came up.

Molly: thanks for killing that Diesel.

Mays: it was nothing.

Molly: well i think it is somthing.

Mays: Time to go to bed.

Molly:(yawning) See you in the morning.

When she got to her room with Lady, Emily, and Rosie they started talking about Mays.

Molly: What do you guys think of Mays?.

Lady: He is verry tall.

Rosie: He has experience in fighting.

Emily: and he is good at handeling a bow and arrow.

Molly: Would you guys find it strange that i am starting to fall in love with him?

Lady: yes, why do you ask?

Molly: No reason.

To Be Continued

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