The third part in the Steamies VS Diesels series. Contains swearing and death, again.

[Central Island Quarry]

Bill: Man, I'm bored.

Ben: Me too.

Butch: Stop complaining you two.

Terance: Why don't you do some work, then you won't be bored.

Ben: Yeah, like wh...

Steam trooper: WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!

Everyone looked in the direction of the trooper and saw severel Diesel aircraft flying over the quarry and severel tanks heading down one of the roads into the quarry.


The AA guns opened fire on the diesel aircraft while the troops and tanks focused on the land forces. The diesels ground forces were forced to take a narrow road which made them vulnerable to steam attacks. However, diesel bombers were pounding the steamies, the little amount of aircraft the steamies had were trying to take them down. The commanding diesel of this force was Class 40, who enjoyed watching the steamies futile attempts to fight back.

Diesel trooper: Commander, our ground forces are having trouble entering the quarry.

Class 40: Deploy the paratroopers.

Diesel trooper: Yes sir.

Soon, paratroopers were falling from the planes and falling towards the quarry, they opened their parchutes and landed. Then began taking out any resistance. Despite a large amount had been shot while falling, they were able to clear the way for the main ground assault.

Derek: They sent in paratroopers. We need to retreat.

Butch: Agreed.

The steamies began their retreat from the quarry, as the diesel pounded at them. So they were out of the quarry and heading for a nearby base, unfortinatly while retreating Ben got hit in the leg.

Ben: i have been hit.

Bill: Don't wory brother let me hlep.

Class 40 was pleased with his progress.

Class 40: Contact Lord 10, tell him we have atcheived victory.

[Steam HQ]

Thomas woke up to see Lady snuggled up to him, memories of what they did came to him and he smiled. He felt Lady stir then wake up. She smiled.

Thomas: Morning beautiful.

Lady: Morning. <they both kissed> Enjoy last night.

Thomas: Yes, you?

Lady: Yes.

Just then, there was a knock on Thomas' door.

Thomas: Who is it?

Mays: Thomas, it's Mays. We need you to come to the briefing room.

Thomas: I'll be there in a few minutes.

When they heard Mays footsteps fade away. Thomas began picking up his clothes, and getting dressed. Lady stayed in the bed, full of disappointment.

Lady: You go first, I'll be out in a few minutes.

Thomas: Ok <kisses her> love you.

Lady: Love you too.

[Briefing Room]

Thomas entered the briefing room and took a seat. As Henry spoke up.

Henry: Bad news, this morning we lost Central Island Quarry to the diesels. Most of our forces were able to retreat but the rest were killed.

Thomas: Damn, now that only leaves us with one Quarry left.

Mays: What is the name?

Rusty: Blue Mountian Quarry.

Boco: What do we do then?

Edward: We need to get information about what those diesel are up to.

Thomas: Yes, your right. Culdee I want your squad to find out many information about their plans. Harold will drop you off not far from a diesel base.


It was dark as the Culdee Fell sniper squad got onboard Harolds helicopter, while Mays was talking to Molly.

Molly: Be careful Mays.

Mays was stareing into her eyes.

Mays: I will Molly.

As Mays got on, the helicopter began to take off and headed for its destination. After 1 hour, they arrived at their destination. Harold landed the helicopter not far from the base. Hiden in the forest.

Harold: So chaps, this is as far as I can go you'll need to walk the rest of the way.

Culdee: Let get moving then.

Soon, they had arrived at the base.

Wilfred: What sort of base is this?

Eric: It's a forwards operations base, we should be able to get some information about what they're up to from the main terminal.

Alaric: Where will the main terminal be?

Eric: In the building with the satelite dish on it.

Mays: How do we get there undetected?

Culdee: We free-run.

So, the squad climb over the walls and cilmbed up onto the roof tops, and ran across the base over the guards heads. Finally, they reached the communications building. One by one, they snuck inside.

Culdee: Alright, switch to to your side arms, we'll be fighting in close quarters.

They moved quietly through the building, trying to find the main terminal. They nearly got caught by two guards who were talking.

Guard 1: did you hear somthing.

Guard 2: no i did not.

Guard 1: So, when do you think Project DoomsDay will be ready?

Guard 2: Beats me. I heard that one of the models is complete.

Guard 1: If you ask me I think D10 might be going insane in making these things. Remember that mechanical arm he has after that Steamie blew it off during the prison break.

Guard 2: Yeah.

Culdee: Mays, take them out.

Mays drew two arrows, aimed at the guards head and let them go. The guards drop to the ground, dead.

Patrick: I see why you made the team.

Mays: Thanks.

Culdee: Now then, lets see what they were guarding.

They heading into the room that had been guarded, to find the what they were looking for.

Ernest: This is it, this is the main terminal.

Culdee: Download all of the data, we're not looking through it unless we want to get caught.

Shane Dooiney: I'm on it.

After all of the data had been downloaded, they started their return back to the helicopter. After 20 minutes they were back at the helicopter.

Mays: Harold, it's time to leave.

Harold: Hop on board then chaps, next stop, home.

Another hour later, they were back at HQ. Shane Dooiney ran off to give the data disk to Whiff for him to search through. The rest of the squad when off to relax, Mays, however, went to find Molly. He found her in the break room reading a book. Molly was glad to see that Mays was alright.

Molly: Mays, your alright. <hugs him>

Mays: <Hugs back> Told you I would be.

Mays soon saw Emily and James, who was walking alot better.

Mays: James, your walking better.

James: My wounds have nearly healed, I'll be back out in the field soon.

Emily: By careful this time, I don't want to lose you.

James: I will, babe. <they kiss>

The next morning, Whiff, Thomas, Mays and the others were in th briefing room. Wiff had some important news.

Whiff: I have some information about Project DoomsDay, It sees to be three extremely powerful weapons the diesels are planning to use against us. It remains unclear as to what they are, or what they do. However, I can tell you that one of the weapons, codenamed 'Weapon X' is being stored in a secret high security bunker. This one seems to be hiden even from most of D10 troops, so with this here, they're security will be extremely higher than normal.

Thomas: Well, it seems we're going to be demolishing a bunker and taking their new toy.

Mays: This gives me a chance to use my explosive arrows.

Thomas: Explosive Arrows?

Mays: Curious are we now, it is my own design the arrow head is made out of TNT and will go off when it touches somthing.

Gordon: so you make your own arrows.

Mays: yes i do.

Henry: we should succed.

Later Mays was in the Break room reading, when Molly sat next to him.

Molly: Mays could i talk to you.

Mays: sure what about?

Molly: do you have feelings for me?

Mays: what do you..... Oh of course i do.

Molly: Thats good cause i...... i Love you Mays.

Molly hid her face in her hands, she soon started crying Mays then picked up her head and kissed her.

Mays: And i love you Molly.

Molly: Do you mean that Mays?

Mays: Yes i do.

And they kissed again, soon they were makeing out on the couch.

Molly: I want you to be my first.

Mays: Are you sure?

Molly: Yes!

And with that they continude to make out.

To be continued.

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