Fourth Part in the Steamies VS. Diesels series.

As Mays and Molly were kissing, Gordon burst in. Ending their moment.

Gordon: You two. Stop Making out and gets some rest. We're leaving first thing in the morning.

Mays: Gordon you just ruined the moment.

Gordon: I don't care.

Mays: Well you should!

Molly: Lets go Mays. <glares at Gordon>

Soon, they were at their respective rooms. they said good night and went inside. Molly decided to have a wash down. Emily had just finished having a wash down, Rosie was in her night ware and Lady was in bed.

Emily: So how did it go?

Molly: Good, until Gordon ruined it for us.

Rosie: That jerk.

Molly: Yeah. but not to worry next time i willl take it much further than just a kiss. Hey, what's wrong with Lady?

Emily: She's feeling sick.

Rosie: Well, that makes three of us with a guy. You have Mays, Emily has James and when this war is over, Thomas will be mine.

Lady: How do you know Thomas is interested in you? He could already have a girlfriend.

Rosie: Don't be daft. Of corse Thomas likes me, who else would he go out with?

Lady: I'm just saying what if your not his type!.

Rosie: Of course i am his type.

Emily could tell this was going to start a fight and decided to end it.

Emily: OK, how about we get some sleep and talk about this another time.

Rosie, Lady, Molly: Fine.

Emily was the only one awake, she was thinking about what Lady said.

Emily: Rosie's going to have some tough competition for Thomas.


The next morning, everyone was busy preparing for the assualt on the diesel base. Harold, Jeremy and Tiger Moth were checking their aircraft to make sure they were in working order. Captain and Bulstrode were preparing the fleet, making sure everything was ready. The Culdee Fell Sniper Squad was perparing their equipment. The Aresdale Demolishion Squad was busy preparing their explosives. The Skarloey Recon Squad were checking there weapons for faults. Thomas was talking battle tactics with Gordon, Skarloey, Culdee, Rex and Mays. In the girls quarters, the girls were looking after Lady, who had threw up durring the night.

Emily: Do you what us to get Victor?

Lady: It's probalely something I ate.

Molly: Ok but we'll tell Victor to check on you.

So they left to tell Victor.

Victor: It could just be a stomach bug but I will check on her.

Emily: Thanks Victor.

They headed outside to meet the others.

Mays: So Molly are you ready if i return?

Molly: Yes. <Both kiss>

Thomas: Hey, where's Lady?

Emily: Shes sick.

Thomas: Is she ok?

Emily: Yes, Victor said he'll check on her.

Mays had noticed the concern in Thomas' voice, this got him thinking.

Mays:(Thinking) Thomas woried about Lady could they be in love. Nah.

Thomas: Alright, everyone gather round.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered round to hear what Thomas had to say.

Thomas: Now this is going to be one of the toughest battles we have ever had in this war. We have normally got by on raids and the like. But that those tactics are not gonna be much help during an assualt. Many of us here unfortunately will not be returning home. But if we work together, we can pull through and we can consider this to be a big 'F**k You' to the diesels.

Everyone cheered, as it was time to kick the diesels right where it hurts. They all got onboard a helicopter, plane or ship. Soon they were heading for the diesel base.

Thomas: Mays i need you to put the experince you have to help us through this assualt

Mays: yes Thomas.

[Diesel Secret Base]

The diesels secret base consisted of a ground base, an airstrip and hangers, and a dockyard for battle ships, but this nothing more than a mask of what was really here. A very large underground bunker had been built to serve as the main base. It was capable of holding 500 land vechiles, 300 aircraft, 200 battleships and 10000 troops. Soon, the steamies forces were atprotching the base.

Thomas: All units, comence the attack.

The fleet attacked the dockyard, they had an advantage over the diesels because most of the diesels ships were still docked. The air force continued on to the main base, the fighters planes leading with helicopters then the bombers. Harold landed to drop off the troops after the bombing run.

Harold: Head for the enterance, contact me for support.

They fought their way through the diesel forces to make it to the bunker enterance. When they got there it was heavily guarded.

Diesel Trooper: Steamies. Seal the door.

Thomas: Mays, lets see one of those explosive arrows.

Mays: on it.

Mays drew an explosive arrow and aimmed it at the troops, he let go, the arrow soared, hit one trooper and blew up the rest.

Mays: Now for the door.

He fired an explosive arrow at the door. However, the door remained intact, uneffected.

Thomas: Harold we need you to blow open the bunker door.

Harold: Ok, I'm heading to your position. You might want to take cover.

Soon, Harold was hovering infront of the bunker door. Then he fired four missles at the door, blowing it apart. Then he took off.

Thomas: Lets go.

After finishing off the survivers at the enterance, they contiued into the base. With reinforcements constantly coming at them when they had a chance. They entered a small control room, where Mays hacked the computer.

Mays: Ok, Weapon X is being stored in an armory on the level below us. To destroy this base we will have to lay 6 charges at the main reactor. The explosion from that is more than enough to destroy this base and the one above.

Thomas: Ok then, Rex, take your squad and blow up the reactor. The rest of us are going for Weapon X.

As they fought their way down to the armory where Weapon X was, Rex's squad were heading for the main reactor. Soon, they reached it and started to prepare for the explosion. However things were not going so well for the others. The diesels were holding there ground, stopping them from reaching Weapon X.

Mays: Thomas. I'll blow the door open, and you get Weapon X.

Thomas: OK, do it.

Mays: Go to Hell you bastards.

Mays fired an explosive arrow at the door, blowing it open and killing the troopers holding there ground, Thomas dash to the armory. As he went inside a secruity door closed behind him.

Thomas: 'Great'. Well <looks around at the weapons and armor> Better find Weapon X.

Computer: Weapon X equip cycle activevate.

Thomas: What the f...

Thomas was shocked by several mechanical arms grabbing him and he felt them incase him inside something. Outside the armory door, the steamies were strugeling to keep the diesels back while doing so Mays got hit in the shoulder, another bullet hit him in the knee.

Mays: Damn it they got me.

Suddenly, an explosion tore threw the door of the armory. Everyone stopped as they saw a large black robot step through the hole.

Diesel Trooper: Its Weapon X, shoot it.

All of the diesels opened fire against it, but they did very little damage. A machine gun on its shoulder opened fire, killing the whole group. It turned around and looked at the steamies. They were terrified. The helmet of it began to fold in on itself to reveal...Thomas.

James: Thomas!?

Thomas: The one and only.

Mays: What is that thing?

Thomas: This... is Weapon X, it is a highly advanced battle suit, meant to improve the wearers physical abilities and has an inbuilt arsenel of weapons and other gear.

Rex: Guys. This place is ready to blow sky high.

Everyone ran to get to the rally points to get away from the base. The fleet of battleships had began to fall back to avoid the blast and hold back the diesel ships trying to leave. Everyone of the ground troops got onboard a helicopter. Thomas used the suits jet pack to take off and get away. The remaining diesels cheered believing they had defeated the steamies. However, explosions went off everywhere as the reactor detonated. Making the ground base and airstrip colapse into the bunker, and take out the dockyard along with most of the ships. the remaining ships were sunk by the steamies fleet. Everyone cherred as they headed back for HQ.

[Steam HQ]

Meanwhile, Lady was sitting by herself in her quarters, Victor had done a test on her to see what was wrong, which had some startling results. She was nervous about what to do. Soon she heard the sound of helicopters, planes and cheering. She went outside to see those who had returned, praying Thomas was amongst them. She made it outside and saw alot of familier faces but not Thomas, Mays with Molly right next to him was taken to Victor. Lady look up and saw a robot land. She gasped when it removed its helmet to be Thomas. She went up to him. Thomas saw her and walked over to her.

Thomas: Feeling better?

Lady: We need to talk.

Thomas noticed how serious she was.

Thomas: Ok, let me drop this off with Harvey, Rocky, Butch and the Breakdown Twins.

Lady: Fine. What is that thing anyway?

Thomas: Weapon X.

After dropping off the suit, they headed for Thomas' quarters. When they got there Thomas was curious what this was about.

Thomas: What's this about Lady?

Lady didn't answer, she was too nervous.

Thomas: Lady?

Lady: Thomas, do you remember the other night?

Thomas: The night we...?

Lady: Yes. The thing is Thomas...I..I'm pregnant.

To Be Continued

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