Part five in the Steamies VS Diesels series.

Thomas was in complete shock. Lady was pregnant with his child. Hundereds of thoughts were rushing through his head about what to do.

Lady: What are we going to do?

Thomas: We will have to tell the others about us.

Lady: What!?!

Thomas: What other options are there?

Lady: You don't understand. I can't have children.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Lady: I should have told you this from the start. Thomas, I have powers. The reason I didn't tell anyone is I thought people would see me as a weapon, than a person. Diesel 10 found out about my abilities and tried to get me to follow him. I refused and he had me locked up. When I joined the resistance I wanted to tell somebody, but I was too scared. Thats why I can't have children, they might have powers and suffer like I did.

Thomas: Lady. You are not a thing, you are a living being. I understand why you did not tell me, but you don't have to worry. I love you more than anything, and I will not let anyone harm you or our child.<kisses her>

Lady:<kisses back> Thank you Thomas.

Thomas: Lets head to the brake room, we'll talk about this later.

[Break Room]

Everyone in the break room was in a cheery mood, after stealing the Diesels most powerful weapon and blowing up their base, morale was at an all time high. Bill, Ben and James were playing video games, Mays and Molly were flirting, and Thomas was talking with Harvey.

Thomas: So, what about the suit?

Harvey: There was not alot to do, we upgraded what we could and gave it a new coat of paint. I think you'll like it.

Suddenly four heavily armed troops entered the break room. Their armor covered their whole body, which consisted of a grey helmet, grey arm and leg armor, and grey body armor. Everyone froze. One of the troops spoke.

Trooper 1: Commander Thomas?

Thomas: Yes.

Trooper 2: Come with us.

And they left.

Henry: What do the Railway Guard want with Thomas?

Mays: Who are the Railway Guard?

Gordon: Their the best of the best.

Jock: Their the toughest of the tough.

Duke: They are the elite forces of the Steam Resistance. They reside in the other side of the yard. With good reason too, their job is to protect the four leaders of the resistance.

Mays: Four leaders?

Edward: They were once the railway controlers of the four railways on Sodor. When Diesel 10 arrived, they rebeld against him, forming the resistance. Rumour has that most of the Railway Guard is whats left of those who were in the first resistance. They are now battle hardend war veterens with a nearly no emotion.

Mays: Wow, I thought it did not matter how much of a battle hardend veteran you were you still had emotion.


The four troops escorted Thomas across the yard to a large fence that surrounded Tidmouth Sheds. A guard was standing at the gate.

Guard: Halt!

They stopped.

Guard: Why is this one here?

Trooper 1: The Leaders want to see him.

Guard: Let me check this out.

He went into a hut and sat at a computer. After a few minutes he came back out.

Guard: Everything checks out, but I need him to hand over his weapons.

Thomas handed over his two pistols and his knife.

Guard: Head on in.

They went into the base. Thomas saw everyone walking around in the same armor. Though they were wearing helmets, Thomas could feel their eyes watching him. Soon the troops stopped in front the shed, they searched Thomas for any weapons they could find. After the search, they sent him in.

Trooper 3: You can head on in.

He entered slowly and saw four men sitting on a semi-circle desk with a chair infont of it. Several guards raised their guns at Thomas.

TM: Lower your weapons.

The guards lowwered their weapons.

TFC: Take a seat Thomas.

Thomas: Yes Sir.

TTC: Now then, Thomas. Early this morning you took the troops under your command on a mission to assualt a Diesel base.

Thomas: Yes Sir.

TSC: The report also claims that you returned with a diesel superweapon from Project Doomsday and destoryed the base.

Thomas: Yes.

TM: If you are wondering how we get all this information about you, is that we have watched your every move since the prison break, after your fight with D10.

TFC: Back to business. Thomas the reason you are here is because of Weapon X. When you put on that suit, it did a memory scan of your DNA. Making it only operatable by you. We believe that the other weapons are of similar design.

Thomas: So is that why I'm here?

TFC: Wait a moment. The other weapons of Project DoomsDay are capable of turning the tide of a battle with in minutes. And we need those weapons to stand a chance. Now until we can get our hands on these weapons, you are the only chance we have of winning. We need you to get the other weapons.

Thomas: Understood Sir.

TSC: Now use Weapon X carefully, We don't know how powerful it is. It could be powerful enough to destory this whole island. You may now go.

Thomas: Yes Sirs.

TM: also we would like to inform you that we will speak to your newest recrute Mays eventualy.

Thomas: Why?

TFC: The reason being, since he served as Diesel 10's buttler he may know more about what Diesel 10 is like.

Thomas: I would like to say this about Mays.

TFC: yes?

Thomas: he is an expert archer.

The Four leaders were surprised.

[Steam HQ]

Everyone was in the break room when Hector ran in. He had good news.

Hector: Guys, I think I have found us some support. They're a rival of the Troublesome Trucks, their called the Coaches, they prefer to help people, but they are willing to help us to takedown Diesel 10.

Mays: what type of wepons do they use?

Hector: the 3 leaders of the group are archers, the 3 leaders names are Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta.

Everyone cheered at this news when Thomas came in.

Thomas: Whats happening?

Hector told him and Thomas grinned.

Thomas: Now those Diesels are in trouble.

However, Crankys voice could be heard on the intercom, which put an end to the happy mood.

Cranky: This is an Emergency Briefing. Great Waterton is under attack from Diesel Forces. Repeat, Great Waterton is under attack.

Thomas: Get the Coaches over to Great Wateron as soon as you can Hector.

Hector: Right.

To Be Continued.

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