Part Six in the Steamies VS Diesels series. Note this introduces characters from Day of the Diesels.

[Diesel HQ]

A Diesel Commander was standing in front of a fuming Diesel 10 and his commanders. Diesel, Splatter, Dodge, Arry, Bert, Class 40, D199, Old Stuck Up, 10751, 31120, Dennis, Norman, Paxton, Sidney(diesel).

Diesel Commander: P-P-Please forgive me, L-L-Lord 10.

D10: FORGIVE YOU! You lost Weapon X to the steamies, and you let them destroy a secret base.

The commander shivered with fear. The other commanders grinned evily to each other.

Diesel Commander: P-P-Please Lord 10, le...

D10: ENOUGH! Splodge, take him to the Chamber.

Splodge: Okay Boss.

Diesel Commander: No. Please Lord 10, not the Chamber. NO. NO. NOOO!

D10: I will return.

[1 hour later]

Diesel 10 returned from the chamber, wiping some blood off Pinchy.

Diesel: What did you do with his remains?

D10: I kept him alive. He is a loyal pet. I might still have some use for him.

Dennis: What did you have in mind?

D10: I have sent him down to Den and Dart to be fixed up. Also I have decided to have him and his forces attack Great Waterton.

Arry: What will that acheive?

D10: A distraction.

[2 hours later-Steam HQ]

Flynn: This is an Emergency Briefing. Great Waterton is under attack from Diesel Forces. Repeat, Great Waterton is under attack.

Thomas: Get the Coaches over to Great Waterton as you can Hector.

Everyone else ran to get suited up. Before Thomas could go, Harvey stopped him.

Harvey: Lets suit you up with the new weapon x.

Thomas: Alright.

They headed to the workshop. Inside, Rocky, Butch and the Breakdown twins were working on different gear.

Thomas: So, wheres my new toy?

A diesel techinian named Works(the works diesel) entered. Works had also deffected to the steamies side and was capable of understanding the most compicated of diesel technology.

Works: We finished the upgrades, but you gonna have to wear this. [hands it to Thomas]

Thomas: What is it.

Works: It is a jumpsuit specialy designed to grant the wearer full mobility while in the suit. Also due to the modifications to the suit, it protects the wearer from damage to skin.

Thomas got change into the jumpsuit and stood in the center of the workshop.

Works: Ok, Thomas. We have made away for the suit to be equiped, using a similar way in the bunkar.

Soon, mechanical arms were encasing Thomas' body with the battle suit. After 5 minutes the suit was equiped. The suit now had an electric blue paint job, twin fold in swords on the arms, a mini missle laucher in the right arm, a small flame thrower in the left arm, a pistol storage in the right leg, the jetpack was faster, an inbuilt communicator and more advanced targeting computer.

Works: OK. Take off.

Thomas took off in the suit and headed for Great Waterton. While the others were still getting ready.

[Great Waterton]

Great Waterton was taken over by the Steam Engines when the war started and had served as the main base of operations for front line assualts. The troops stationed here were under the command of Commanders Stanley, Bear and Sir Handel.

The Steam Engines were doing well in keeping back the Diesels, but they needed support to help them as they knew they could not hold out against the Diesels for long. Thomas soon arrived at the Great Waterton and landed. A squad of Diesels were shooting at the commanders locations. He took out the squad with several rounds of his machine gun on his shoulder. After killing them, he spoke to the commanders.

Bear: So this is weapon x.

Sir Handel: It's a good thing you came along when you did.

Thomas: Whats the situation?

Stanley: We're holding the Diesels back, but they keep pounding us. We can't hold out against this kind of assualt for long. Thier commander is apprently right behind their frontline, if you can take him out, they will become disorganised and forced to retreat.

Thomas: Ok.

While they were discussing thier plan, a Diesel Spy was watching them. The spy ran back to the commander. Soon he was standing behind a man in black full body armour, with orange-red eye lenses on the helmet.

Spy: Its the Steamie with weapon x. Commander 'Faceless'.

Faceless spoke with a raspy monotone voice.

Faceless: Good. He will suffer for his disrespect to Lord 10.

Spy: Sir, I'll have our troops take him out.

Faceless: No. I want to extract my revenge personally.

Thomas was dashing through Great Waterton, taking down as many diesels as he could while trying to find the commander. Sudddenly a figure in black armour landed in front of him.

Thomas: Who are you?

Faceless: I am Commander Faceless, of the 66th diesel assualt force.

Thomas: Not very impressive.

Faceless: And I will make you pay for your disrespect to Lord 10.

Thomas: Incase you haven't notice, I'm in one of your battle suits.

Suddenly, four robotic tenticles appeared from his back, a blade shot out of his right arm, and his left hand dropped to reveal a gun built into his arm.

Thomas: Oh shit.

Faceless fired several bullets at him. Thomas took to the air, while Faceless used his tenticles to trow a burnt out car at him. Thomas dodged, it and fire several bullets. He took cover on the roof of a building, but he was shocked when Faceless was jumped onto the roof.

Thomas: Let me guess. Another weapon from Project DoomsDay?

Faceless: Wrong!

As they continued their fight. The diesels were pushing back the Steam Engines, it looked like they were going to lose, when a large amount of air craft flew over with soldiers parachuting out of the planes. The Coaches had arrived.

Faceless: WHAT?

Thomas: Looks like you've lost.

Faceless: NEVER!

After what seemed like forever, Faceless was able to get one of his tenticles around Thomas' leg. He picked him up and threw him into a wall. Thomas went straight through and landed hard. Faceless walked slowly over Thomas, confident. However, Thomas activated his blade and grabed a sledge hammer. Swiftly, he got up, turned around, cut off one of the tenticles with his blade and smashed the sledgehammer into Faceless' face. The helmet shattered from the blow. Thomas then grabed him and threw him into the wall. Faceless slide down the wall, alive, but broken. Thomas looked at the helmet and removed it. He was shocked by what he saw. Faceless' face was full of cuts and scars, some were fresh while others were old but had been opened again by the battle. Pieces of his flesh were missing and there were large burns all over.

Thomas: What the hell happened to you?

Faceless: Lord 10 punished me with most of these wounds for my failier. He would have killed me if it weren't for my loyalty. He had these machines built into my body, and gave me the name Faceless.

Thomas: How can you be loyal to him?

Faceless: He is power. All of you will die by his hand.

Thomas: Enough.

Thomas drew his pistol pointed it at Faceless.


Faceless was dead. Thomas went back to the Commanders to inform them of Faceless' death. When he got back, he saw three girls with bows and arrows.

Thomas: Annie? Clarabel?

Annie and Clarabel: Thomas?

Thomas: It's been to long.

Annie: I know.

Clarabel: What do you have on?

Henrietta: Names Henrietta Thomas.

Thomas: Nice to meet you.

Bear: You know them?

Thomas: Yeah, their old friends.

Annie: Childhood friends to be exact.

Stanley: What about the diesel commander?

Thomas: Dead. He was completely loyal to D10 even after how he was tortured and used as a tool.

Bear: We'll get his remains soon. The diesels will be retreating if they know whats good for them.

Henrietta: They're out numbered.

Suddenly, an emergency message was heard.

Mays: (over radio) This is Mays with an Emergency distress signal. We are under attack by the Diesels and there comander 10751. Repeat we are under attack.

To Be Continued.

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