Seventh part in the Steamies VS Diesels series.

Mays: (over radio) This is an Emergency distress signal. We are under attack by an Army of Diesels and their Commander 10751. Repeat we are under attac...

(Cuts off in static)

Thomas: You guys will have to finish off the remaining Diesels. I'm going back to Tidmouth.

Bear: Don't worry, this will be quick.

Annie: we are going with Thomas to Tidmouth.

Clarabel: Henrietta take the girls in the Aircrafts and head to Tidmouth, when you are done here.

Henrietta: Will do.

Thomas took off and headed for Tidmouth with Annie, and Clarabel folowing him, he tried contacting the base with his communicator.

Thomas: Base. This is Thomas. Whats happening?

Nothing but static.

Thomas: Repeat. This is Thomas. Do you copy?

Cranky: Thomas. Its Cranky. We (static) hold them bac(static). Entire Railway Guard is here (static) too many diesels. (Ends in static)

Thomas: Hold on. I'll be there soon.

[Tidmouth-Steam HQ]

Tidmouth was now a complete warzone. The Diesels had sent a large assualt force to take out the heart of the Steam Engines Resistance. The Steam Engines were trying to hold them off but these Diesels were destroying them. The Railway Guard was busy defending Tidmouth Sheds, but even they were struggling.

Cranky: Guys. The communications antena is damaged. I can't call in more back up.

Mays: I got a distress signal out before we lost all transmission.

Cranky: that is good.

James: Alright, we get to the antena and get it up and running. Lets go.

They headed outside and moved to the antena, they fought through a few diesels with alot of difficulty.

Mays: BoCo?

BoCo: What is it Mays?

Mays: You don't think these Diesel Troops are part of...?

BoCo: I hope not. You remember how they were.

Mays: To well my friend, to well, Haveing to serve there asses.

Soon they arrived at the antena, not without losing some of their own troops, permently. Mays fired a few Explosive arows at the Squad blowing them up.

James: Ok, Butch, Harvey. Do what you can to fix this thing up.

Butch and Harvey got to work repairing the antena, while everyone else was protecting them.

Arthur: Where are they coming from?

Mighty: Forget where they're coming from, what does it take to kill them?

Then Mays passed out after getting hit in the head with a bullet.

Cranky: Get Mays out of here and take him to Victor.

These Diesels wore black and red armour that covered their entire body, similar to The Railway Guard, so Arthur and MightyMac took Mays to Victor.

Arthur: Victor we have another wonded one here.

Victor: How did Mays get hurt?

Mighty: Bullet to the head.

And with that they left to fight.

Victor: now lets get this hood of so i can see the damage.

But when he took it off he got the shock of his life.

Keven: what happen to his face?

Victor: Don't know, now lets get to work and try to remove that bullet.

Meanwhile on the roof.

Harvey: Guys we've got the antena fixed.

Percy: Great, now what?

James: We hold the Diesels back.

Gordon: We can't f**king hold the Diesels back with out air support.

James grabed his walkie talkie and contacted Harold.

James: Harold, we need air support know.

Harold: Ok, I'm coming.

Harold flew over and fired severel missles and bullets at the Diesels but he had troubles of his own. A Diesel fighter and seen him and was after him.

Harold: I've got to go chaps.

The jet fired two missles at him, he did his best to avoid them but they hit the back of the helicopter. He span out of control and crashed it to a warehouse.

James: Harold. Come in. Harold.

Gordon: James. Focus on these guys first.<fires his minigun>

They continued to fight the Diesels but were struggling. Suddenly, three missle hit the Diesels, killing most of them.

Butch: Who was that?

Then Thomas landed.

James: Who else owns a battle suit?

Thomas: Whats happening?

Gordon: We were prepareing to leave for Great Waterton when we were attacked, the whole Railway Guard has come here to fight them off but we are still struggling.

Thomas: Ah hell.

James: Harold. Come in, will you.

Harold: James, I'm ok. I've crashed into a warehouse beside Tidmouth Sheds.

James: Go to the Railway Guard for help.

Harold: I can't.

James: Why not?

Harold: Their losing.

The Railway Guard had been trying take down the Diesels but were struggling so they had to call in all Railway Guard forces across the island. However, with the whole guard here they were still losing.

Thomas: We've got to help them.

They headed for Tidmouth Sheds when they recieved a distress signal.

Rosie: Anyone, please, we need help, the Diesels have us surrounded.

Thomas: Change of plans.

They headed for the other side of Tidmouth to help the others. When they got there Thomas fired his machine gun at the severel Diesels, killing them. They regrouped with the others.

Billy: Good thing you guys came when you did.

Percy: Whats the situation?

Rosie: We have been holding off the Diesels here, but they keep coming at us.

Gordon: I've got a plan.

He explained his plan to the others.

Gordon: Everyone know what to do?

While everyone held off the diesels, Gordon, James, Henry, Murdoch and Emily snuck around to a fuel tanker near the Diesels.

Gordon: Climb up and open the tanker, James.

Emily: Be careful James.

James: Come on Babe, aren't I always? Wait, don't answer that.

James climb up the tanker and proceeded to open it. However the Diesels saw him, but the others distracted them from killing him. Soon, the tanker was open.

James: Alright<drops down>its open.

Gordon, Henry and Murdoch went behind the tanker and pushed it over. It fell and gallons of fuel poured out, flooding the Diesels. James grabbed the incinerator rifle of a dead Diesel and fired at the puddle. The flame from the puddle consumed most of the Diesels while Gordon finished the others off with his minigun. They regrouped with the others.

Emily: You were amazing James. Remind me to reward you tonight.

James: Oh I will.

Thomas: Give it a rest you two. We need to help the Railway Guard.

Rosie: Lady and some of the others already went to help them.

Thomas: That doesn't change a thing.

They arrived at Tidmouth Sheds, but were shocked at what they saw. Most of the yard was filled with craters and the Railway Guard was struggling to fight the Diesels. They fought threw the Diesels and headed for the shed. They got closer. And closer. And closer. But then.


A squad of Diesels came out of the shed with severel prisoners. The four leaders, Salty, Mavis, Bert, Ivo Hugh, Fergus, Molly, and Lady.

Thomas: LADY!

Thomas charged at the squad. He didn't care if he would die. He didn't care if the Diesels won. The only thing he could think about was saving Lady. One of the squad noticed Thomas and drew an odd looking rifle and aimed it at Thomas.

Henry: That is a Pusle Rifle.

He fired a large blue beam that hit Thomas. Lady watched in horror. Thomas felt like every inch of him was burning but he carryed on. The Diesel fired again. Thomas felt weak, the suit was malfunctioning but he struggled on. The Diesel fired one last time. Thomas was struggling to stand, the suit was now shutting down, increasing the amount of weight he had to carry, the pain was immense. He took one more step. Then collasped.


They put her on the helicopter with the others and took off. Soon the Diesel began to retreat. They had done thier job. Now they didn't need to stay. The Diesels bombed out Tidmouth to stop the Steamies from fighting them back.

10751: Tell Lord 10. We have done what he has asked.

Trooper: Yes sir.

Thomas was carried back to the ruins of Tidmouth Station to rest, while the others planned what to do next.

Gordon: Mays will not be happy when he gets up.

Rosie: why.

Henry: they took Molly, and Mays is in love with her.

To be continued...

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